Where did my time go? Oh yeah, green fabric.

Every night I roll a sock full of sticky rosin between my hands. Without it, my fingers slide through the jungle green silk and my body slams into the squishy mat below. Well. For now. Soon I'll stand on a angled platform six feet off the ground. I don't really want to slam into (or off of) that. 

Yeah, I have to go to hours of music and blocking rehearsals to just sing backstage. Yes, it's lame that I'm only in six minutes of the whole show. And sure, being covered by some weird flying plant thing is kind of disappointing. 

But, I love developing this new skill. I love my new muscles. I love finding flexible positions. I love my new friends.

I possess a new confidence in my body and my appearance that I've struggled to grasp for, well, my entire life! I'm not meant to be the star of this show. Heck, I'm not meant to really be seen in this show (it would seem). I'm meant to try hard to master a unique skill. I was destined to feel like an underdog in order to push myself more than I ever have before. 

I'm happy to be the sultry "Soul Tree" climbing my fabric among bug children, dancers, weird lighting, and fog for six minutes. I'll use the support of my four new friends and my jungle green silk...and I will be awesome!