I'm back! I'm back!
For a bit..
Tay and I went to Oregon (or Errrigan) for a while (we stayed longer than planned...)
We had a lot of fun!
It was a sweet way to celebrate the last week of the first month of our marriage!
I LOVE being married!
It's seriously the best thing ever.
We've experienced a lot of ups and downs..
finances are tough, family can be tough, work can be tough,
lots of stuff can be tough,
BUT we have a good outlook.
We are really trying to center our lives on the Savior.
I'm pretty sure it's just gonna go up and up and up...:D
With hiccups, some will be HUGE ones...
but if we stay on the right path, there's always happiness to be found.

 (instagram mormon_quotes)

We always remember that things happen for a reason.

And my husband being a complete stud is definitely a plus!

Anyway, keep a good perspective, cause it's really helping us out.
And I bet it'll help you too!
Oh, and Errigan is GORGEOUS!


a big fat question

I hate not having a computer :(
Using random computers here and there is no way to become the next "big blog babe"
BUT I'm going to keep on keepin' on til' I get get my old vaio back in action.
Meanwhile, I have a question.
A BIG fat question.
for you, dear reader and friend.
be honest.
Do you like my blog name?
Stubborn Delight.
At first, I thought I was so clever for thinking it up!
(being happy is something to be stubborn about..)
And that it is so cute and quirky and bleh blah bleh,
but I read blogs like
and a whole slew of others
and I got to thinking...
they all have RIDICULOUSLY CUTE blog names!
It makes their blogs even more appealing!
Is Stubborn Delight up there with them?
Or should I tear apart my blog and rebuild it?
What do YOU think??
I know that I already wanna update the design and pages of my blog,
does the name need updating too?
Oh, and I know y'all have seen this dress a gajillion times by now, but I felt SO vintagey today,
and I HAD to share :)


love Kolie

So, my sis-in-law does "friday Letters" every friday.
At first I thought
Wow! I totally wanna steal that idea.
...and then I did. :)
I hope I have some way of posting every friday....fingers crossed, people!

Dear Husband,
THANK YOU for landing a solid job! Don't give up. Never lose faith. :) I love you so so much and living with you is da bomb.com!
Dear Fashion Advisor/Bri,
Thank you for helping me to find cute and useful clothes! Please, let's do it again some time! :)
Dear cowboy boots,
I LOVE YOU! Thank you for existing and being in my possesion!
Dear Work,
I thought I was DONE with 12 1/2 hour shifts, thanks for calling me in...NOT. Poophead.
Dear Oregon,
I'm so excited to come visit you! I need a vacation so so so so bad!
Dear Body,
I'm sorry you're going through garbage. Just be patient. You'll get a break in a lil' tiny bit! I promise...then you can sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep...*yawwwwn*

Dear Weather,
Thank you for staying so nice and beautiful. you have been very accomodating and I just love love love it!
Dear Husband again,
We need to start looking for a tv, cause your baby girl is dying of boredom when she has a morning off! Pleeeeeeaaaaaase!
Kolie :)


retail: the scoop

I've found something out about a lot of girlies.
We wanna work in retail!
(or like..in an office as a receptionist or something...)
It's the perfect job!
You work with clothes!
You work with people that like clothes!
You get to look cute everyday!
I mean really..for a lady student, what could be better?
LADY, not lazy.

Well, I work two retail jobs
(Granted one is at a kiosk..)
and I have learned a lot.
The ups, the downs, the all arounds, so before you walk into Forever XXI thinking once again,
I could totally work here and LOVE it,
lemme point out the pros and cons of working in this industry.
like constantly taking pics of myself! That's a pro? haha
~Discounts! At both my jobs I get 50% off! That is AWESOME! My sis-in-law gets a discount at Francesca's and who wouldn't want that?? Almost all retail jobs give thier employees a little somethin somethin like that (almost all)
~People! I love to help people find the perfect whatever for their outfit. Whether it's a belt or a skirt or a halftee, it's so fun to help them out!
~Co-workers! I've made a few reallllly good friends! I love it! One of my managers even came to my wedding! Love her. :)

~Crazy hours-I work 2-6 some days, then 1-9, then 9-2, and so on!
~Angry customers-It's almost NEVER my fault that someone is upset :(
~  Gossip: like most jobs, you're not gonna like every decision someone makes or even enjoy working with a few people, but I don't much like gossip
~It's hard-It's way harder than it looks! There's lots of cleaning, organizing, taking inventory, returns, exchanges, upselling, redressing mannequins, it's not for the lazy, and it's not always fun and games.

In conclusion, I love my jobs! But I don't wanna work in retail for the rest of my life :/
Love you!
Miss you!
Anyone have stories about retail jobs or otherwise?



I'm sorta..computerless.
Which is why I haven't posted in a long long time.
I'm working on it, but...thank you for sticking around!
I'm married now.
I'm super married now.
I get to hang out with my best friend every single day!
I get to do EVERYTHING with him!!
And just so you know, our wedding day was STUNNING!
And I am so so so grateful for everyone that helped out and came.
Soooo many people gave us such amazing gifts and services and ah, I am so full of gratitude!
I love being married.
I love sleeping next to my bestest friend in a big ol' bed,
waking up to him...
seeing him help with the dishes every single day!
Knowing I made the right decision.
Knowing we can work toward goals together.
 I love that I have adventures with my HUSBAND!
Like random football games right before work in my nice work clothes...
So so so fun.
And see this?
Do you SEE this man?
I get to see him naked.
:) and it's completely romantic and amazing.
I had to say it.
I love him so so much.
He is my baby boy, my protector, and provider.
He's perfect.
I hope I can talk to you soon, folks.
And I hope you can all be or are as happy as I am.