It's Only Just Begun

He's home.
We're in a bit of a pickle with a few things,
like big mean companies, and money...
but he's home :)
 Good thing too, or I would be even more bummed about my iPod being stolen from my car!
THAT was an adventure.

Not that telling the police would actually change anything,
or get me my iPod back,
but it still felt good letting them know!

And I don't really care too much anyway,
Because my baby boy is home.


Twins of the Office

Am I spam posting?
Like when people spam text you 
they text you 
again and again and again
and you never reply?
I'll start posting less one day!
Promise :)
One of my besties and I work in the same office,
go to the bathroom at the same time
and the drinking fountain
and the breakroom
and we carpool
and today we showed up in the exact same shoes.

Only I wear my fiancee's jacket almost every day :)
So, we're not exactly the same! :D

April Photo Contest Entries!

Here are the entries for my Spring Party April Photo Contest!
Remember the voting closes at midnight the 3rd! So, the NIGHT of the 2nd!
Make sure you vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post!
Take time to read about the photographer's inspiration :)

 1. Jess (Find her flickr page here!)
I caught this adorable little model by the pond
the other day. There were blossoms all around so I composed a
wonderful, adorable spring photo shoot. I mean what is more spring-y
than pink flowers and baby animals?

2. Amanda (Find her blog here!)
Springtime is my favorite time to take pictures. When the world is in full bloom and filled with color, it is at its most beautiful state. I love showcasing God's creations. I feel like spring is His time for creating works of art. These little flowers often go unnoticed on such a big tree, so I decided to feature them and their beauty in this photo.

3. James!

4.) Jake (check out his fresh to death blog here!)
A spring tea party in Wonderland. Because we're all a bit mad in the spring time, aren't we? ;)

 5.Caitlin :)

6.) Susie (find her blog here!
 Spring Party means ice tea..lemon... twinkle lights...bare toes and fresh flowers. 

7.) Emily (Find her blog here!)
When this tree blooms, it smells like spring. The sent of spring filling the air is something I can hardly wait for!

8.) Taylor <3 


The "L" Word

"Taylor, do you like me?"
" I love-...how much I like you"
That's not really the first time Taylor told me he loved me,
because he didn't really say "I love you"
But little does he know,
I count it.
I just feel like it counts.
Obviously, he felt it then. :)
My new art project...it's getting there..
 I LOVE love.
I do!
It's the best thing in the whole wide world!
Romantic love, family love, pet love, love!
It's the best.
And my love?
Well...he got screwed over
 I spent almost every dime I have on his ticket home
and we may now be in a bit of a financial bind
with a wedding coming up
that we're paying for on our own..
but guess what!
I don't care!
So, he went to DC
and trained for 2 weeks
and even started selling for the company
and was working harder than anything to be amazing
to sell and sell and sell
to provide for his baby girl :)
and now he's coming home..
But this was NOT a pointless trip.
I promise.
Sometimes, God puts you through a point B when you want to get to point C
(yes, I'm very religious :) )
Sometimes you pray and pray and get an answer that tells you to go through with something
and then
it's a terrible experience, or seems pointless, or just bad.
But if God gave you the okay,
then there's a reason.
I'm just happy!
He's coming home!!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

PS: Last day for photo entries :)


I'm The Kind of Girl

 I'm the kind of girl that takes pictures of herself.
 I'm the kind of girl that will do anything for sunshine.
I'm the kind of girl with an awful immune system.
I'm the kind of girl that can't leave the house without nail polish on
 I'm the kind of girl that gets jealous too easily
I'm the kind of girl who can't handle too much stress without breaking down
I'm the kind of girl that loves making things with her hands
I'm the kind of girl that loves sweet potato fries
I'm the kind of girl that doesn't really like chocolate
I'm the kind of girl that doesn't like being alone
I'm the kind of girl with an addiction to vintage and NO idea how to go about getting and using it
I'm the kind of girl that loves love

What kind of girl...or guy...are you?


Antiques and the Creeps

Soooooo, I'm doing a vintage carnival wedding, right?
So, I should check out antique shops, right?
You can find way cool stuff in antique shops, right?
My friends and I hit historic downtown in search of vintage things, and I discovered something.
Clowns, masks, and dolls are very vintage.
Let's reflect on Nikole's phobias.
3.) closed spaces...
4.) Creepy Masks!
 Basically, it was the most terrifying thing I have ever done in my life.
Do you see how these shops encompass all 4 of my top phobias??
On the bright side, it was a sunny funny weekend.
I am a ditz.
Like at the end of My Fair Wedding Part 3..
One time I called a bookstore and the first thing I said was
"You sell books?"
at least my baby boy thinks it's adorable.

Anyway, I went to the bank yesterday trying to activate a debit card.
My conversation with the teller:
"They said I couldn't activate this card on the phone"
"hmm...how many cards do you have?"
"none on this account, but I have one for another account, and so does my fiancee!!"
"What happened to the card you used to have for your personal account"
"....uh...it got demagnetized"
"So, they sent you another one?"
"Yeah, I must have cut the old one up, because I don't have it now"
"...this is strange..."
"Wait! It actually got stolen"
"I just remembered it was stolen"
"You just remembered?"
"Yeah, like two months ago"
"When did they send you this card?"
"...like two months ago?"
"And you're just activating it now?"


Sleepless Night

I pulled an all-nighter last night,
but not the fun kind.
It was the kind where you can't sleep, 
no matter what,
and the more you try, the more frustrating everything in the world is.
And you think
and think
and think
about everything!
And before you know it, it's 6 am and you have to get ready for work.
What could have possibly made me think for eight hours straight...

I want my baby boy
I wish I looked better for my wedding
How can I lose weight by July..hmm
I miss him
Why can't I sleep?
I think I have a cavity...:(
Go to sleep!
I don't like our engagement photos..
I wish they matched our theme
I wish they matched our personality
I wish there were more that looked good
I wish I looked better in them
I need to whiten my teeth.
I need to look better.
I need my baby boy.
Just go to sleep please.
How do I do everything?
Do I really want to get married at Mount Timpanogos?
I wish my baby boy would wake up.
I wish I didn't cut my hair.
How should I do my hair for our wedding?
I need him.
I need him right now.
I need him to scratch my back until I fall asleep.
I need him to tell me a story.
I need it.
I need him.
Go to sleep.
Go to sleep.
Got to sleep.
I need him...

Sometimes, I can be kind of a baby.
But I'll get it. :)
Everyone has hard times sometimes,
Have you ever had a sleepless night? :/

PS! Happy Monday!


Quick Pic Picks

Stuff and things from left to right, top to bottom :P
My brother, James, got me a bracelet to match my engagement ring :)
Went to the Women's Expo with my sister and stepmom, Ca-razy fun! :)
My sister Holly at the expo...heehee :)
Holly, Sarah (my stepmom), and my Daddy went to Joe Veras for Dinner and free Birthday ice cream!
Perfect chair for a my baby boy, and probably his brother too. Oh paisleys..
Found the PERFECT jersey for Taylor! But it's pricey...

Clever title, right?


My Fair Wedding: Part 5

Part 1Part 2Part 3,
Part 4
I miss my baby boy. It's hard planning our wedding without him. 
I still wanna make sure he's okay with choices I make, but he's so far away,
and so busy all day long.
I get to talk to him at night, but it's already so late there,
and he needs his sleep.
It's just hard.
And I love him.

And some people are bombarding me with their ideas
after ideas
after ideas.

I LOVE help!! I love love love love it!
But I like this kind of help
"This is Nikole's wedding, and maybe she would like this!" 
and not this kind
"This is Nikole's wedding, but it's about me too, because it should also be my dream wedding" 
Does that make sense?
Is that too harsh?

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate all help! 
Just the latter kind of "help" stresses me out

I think I'll have the groomsmen dress a little vintagey and carnivaly, and not so formal!
It'll be way more comfortable for the guys.
July in Utah...in a suit....HOT, 
not the mmm you're hot either, 
but the..you're sweaty hot kind...


Work It!

I used to work out ALL the time,
but lately...
I haven't.
at all.
So, I went on a run! Well I tried to, but I can't run! I can't!
I had to walk and sometimes speed walk..or lightly lightly jog?
But mostly, I just walked.
It wasn't the best self-esteem booster. but I guess I just gotta work harder
And now, I really want ice cream or some other kind of not post-work-out food.
fries..with campfire sauce...
a burger...
I'll get the health thing eventually.
In the mean time, I won't bring myself down for the lack of said health thing.
That's the idea anyway.

 My after stretching...
It's kind of like stretching...

Hot shoes from my baby boy!
And an owie
(the owie is NOT from my baby boy! haha dangling modifiers...is that what they're called?)

Oh and a British guy accidentally ran into me today and said
"Pardon me, dear girl"
Definitely made my day!

Send Something Good

Send Something Good is a project hosted by the amazing Gentri, Kaitlyn, and Kristy
Where bloggers sign up,
get assigned a new bloggy friend,
and send gifts to each other!!
What's better than that??
So, we're doing a link up!
Yay! Link up!
For the record, he's looking at my shoes, NOT my butt....
So, I'm gonna  tell y'all a bit about me!

Absolute Favorites:
Color: Purple
Food: Kettle-corn HANDS DOWN.
Animal: Giraffe!!!
Clothes: Heels...and anything with heels. :)
Month: April! It's so pretty and springy..and birthday-ey. I like May and June and July and August...too..WARM.
Jewelry: Rings :) Crazy big rings.
Guilty Pleasures: Degrassi, Teen Mom, and Greasy Food..

Things I Love
My baby boy and fiancee, and the fact that I'm getting married in a little over 3 months!
Calling my fiancee baby boy, even though a lot of people tease me for it.
Blogging, of course...haha
Crafts and cooking
Playing my guitar or piano and singing along!

Things I hate..
My short hair! sigh..
Calling people I don't know
Dry skin

Things I Want
People to enter my photo contest ;)
New make-up (why is make-up expensive...??)
A smartphone..one day...:)
To be a little tanner 
To be with my baby in DC

To be happy with everything always! :D


Welcome to My Room

I thought I'd share a snippet of my life with you.
This is my room.
I painted it when I was 15 with the stipulation that I would repaint it when I moved out.
Well..I moved out..
and moved back in..
and it's still green green.

 My closet :) Most of my clothes are in my dresser, but that big white bag?
Totes my wedding dress! :)
And gifts and trinkets from my baby boy EVERYWHERE
(including the balloons)
 My bed :) Taylor's Lion from his childhood and my bear that I received when I was diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes like to hang out with me.
 This is where my personality really shines. Giraffe? Yes! Peacocks? Yes! Jewelry? Yes!  All of my notes and things from my baby boy are displayed just right of where this picture was taken..
I forgot to take a pic of it :(
 I love these skinny jeans! I ripped the jacket though...luckily you can't tell :)
I'll fix it eventually.
What do you love about your room?


20 Years

My birthday turned out to be pretty fun!
They even celebrated it at work today!!
It was way fun..and stuff :D
Don't forget about the April Photography Contest!

Being 20 has caused me to reflect a lot on my past self,
and boy, 
have I changed.

From being a pretty innocent, selfish kid,
to a rather chunky middle schooler,
to struggling high schooler,
to a college student,
to working full-time,
to being in love...and a college student...and working full-time. 

To being happy. 

It took me a while to like myself, like a lot of girls, I imagine
especially my body...
Please read my guest post on Fighting Anorexia.
and join the fight.

If you have ever struggled to like yourself or your body, I'd love to help you.
I've been there.
Contact me at timelesslove50@gmail.com



Birthday Contest!!!

It's my birthday!
I'm 20!
I'm in limbo between an actual adult adult (21) and a my teens (13-19)
I don't know what I'm doing for my birthday, but I suspicion it will be nothing.
And that's okay, because I'm just about to announce a huge contest!
And by about to...
I mean right now!

Stubborn Delight is hosting a Photography Contest!!!!
Taylor, my fiance, came up with this idea completely by himself.
So, in a way, this is Taylor's Photography Contest!
(he's a blogger at heart)

Spring Party!
There's no limits here! Maybe a bouquet of flowers is a spring party to you, or a bunch of trees, maybe even  a rustic building! Whatever this theme means to YOU

How to enter?

1.) Follow Stubborn Delight using your gmail account
if you don't have a gmail account, like Stubborn Delight on facebook!
*if you do both, then your picture will also display a blurb about your inspiration

2.) Email your photo, name, and if you're following my blog or liked it on facebook (or both, if so then add your "inspiration blurb") to timelesslove50@gmail.com by April 26th! (10 days from now!)

*note: if you have a blog, include your url and I'll link back to your blog when I post the photo entries

What next?
I'll post all entries on my blog and people will vote on their favorite!
I'll have a link in my sidebar to the post with all the entries, so it won't get lost in my blog :)
Voting will start April 27th and will end May 3rd at midnight (so the NIGHT of the 2nd!),
Make sure you get all your friends to vote!
Winners will be announced May 4th.

There will be 3 winners, and 3 prizes.
1st place gets first pick,
2nd place gets second pick,
and 3rd place gets the last prize
Well what are they?
~A set of personalized, embroidered flour sack towels
Why flour sack?
~$10 giftcard to Amazon. Because what can't you find at Amazon! ...?
~Your 8x10 framed print of your winning photo
The first 3 entries get earrings!
(If you're a guy, then you get a great mother's day present.haha)

The picture must be taken by YOU
Editing is definitely allowed
No inappropriate images.
(nudity, language, etc.)
Inappropriate images WILL be disqualified, and you WILL NOT be entered into the contest.
So, be excited!
Tell all your friends!
There's nothing to lose!

And ALL the photos on this post were taken by my cheap point and shoot, so anyone can do this! :) :D :)

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
This is my first time doing something like this, so let me know what needs improvement :)

PS: If y'all like this, and it works out well, we'll be doing a different contest every month or few months!

PPS:If you would like to offer a prize for this contest or the next, then contact me!
It'll work very much like a give-a-way


Birthday Sunday

My birthday (AND my mom's) is tomorrow, which btw...
Make sure to check back in tomorrow!
I'm announcing a contest!!! 
Created purely and solely by my baby boy!
It's gonna be SWEET!

Ahem, anyway,
Today we had a family celebration for our birthdays.
My B-day Sunday outfit ;)
 We didn't do much.
Just a little meet and greet really.
Iiiii got a balloon!
My mom,aunt and uncle, little cousins, and siblings (Holly and James) came to my Gram's to eat and laugh!
I made my mom magnets for her birthday! (my 4-year-old cousin helped)
 I got to visit my dad. step-mom, and other grandma too!
My dad fixed my brakes last month as my birthday present :) 
It was quite wonderful and a HUGE money-saver!!
Love them!
The people not the brakes..
well the brakes too ;)
My daddy looks quite dashing modeling my "Gucci" bag