a new year: a guide to making your resolutions

Year after year people make New Year's resolutions,
and year after year people CAN'T keep them.
Well, ya know what?
I have some great tips to help you BREAK that cycle!! :)

1. Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew!
A lot of us make resolutions like this:
Don't drink ANY caffeine!
Work out AT LEAST 20 minutes a day!
Here's the problem with that...
The chances of you doing it ...basically non-existent.
Drink less caffeine.
Try to drink no more than one diet coke a week.
Work out 3 times a week.
Something doable!
Because the first time you break your resolution, you'll give up.

2. Don't Wait to Try Again
Let's say you do make the resolution to drink no more than one diet coke a week.
You have a slew of tests coming up and a lot of work to do, and you let yourself slide..
you drink a diet coke three days in a row.
That's when most of us say something like this:
"Well, I blew it. I'm done. I tried"
"I'll try again on Monday!"
Try again right then and there!
You won't ruin your resolution by slipping or messing up,
you'll ruin your resolution by giving up or waiting to try again!

3. Plan it Out
Instead of "Work out three times a week"
try "Take time every Sunday to plan when I can work out that week"
or "Work out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3 pm"
The more specific you can be, the more likely you will succeed.

4. Keep it Positive
Lots and lots of "don'ts" "never" and "DO NOTs" can help you better yourself,
but the goal is to make yourself feel and become better,
lots of negative resolutions can make you feel reaaaaaallly cruddy when you mess up.
Instead of "Don't eat junkfood"
try "When I feel hungry, eat a carrot or an apple"
"Try new healthy foods once a week"
If you must have a "don't" resolution, try to replace the don't park with a "do"
Like... "don't drink so much caffeine, drink more water!"

Resolutions don't do us any good if we set ourselves up for failure.
So, set yourself up for success!!!


friday's letters 12/28

Dear readers,
Thank you so so so much for all your helpful feedback on my last post! You guys rock! I'm super excited to try out your methods and finally have long hair again! Y'all are genius :)

Dear snow,
I used to like you okay, but I'm beginning to hate you.
I REALLY wanted to see some family members and now I can't!! 
Please stop so that they can one day drive down...

Dear Tay,
WOW!!!!! You're working 50-70 hour weeks! You are literally knocking my socks off with your amazing attitude and incredible work ethic. I really could not be more proud of you. I love you so much!

Dear library,
Thank you for giving me the perfect job. Now I can earn money, have fun, and do homemaking things! .....I just have to start doing the homemaking things.

Dear Desperate Housewives,
You are reaaaallly good at taking up my time.

Dear outfit today,
You're super cute. 
I like you.
I love you.
But please, if you would, stop sliding down and showing the world my coconuts.

Kolie :)




No, not Hair the musical.
Although, I don't know how many people think of that when they see the word "hair"

But this is what I mean:
I was once a redhead 
I once had black hair
Once a brunette...
(I look like a child)
and once a dirty blonde
Yes, that buffalo was disgusting..hence the "I'm totally disgusted" face.
now that my hair is kind of purple, you know what I realized?
well, a lot of stuff.
1. I like dying my hair.
2. I look good with a lot of different colors of hair
3. I need to start dying my eyebrows to match...
4. I love LONG hair.
Here is where you, my dear readers, come in.
I've heard of different things to eat and do to ensure healthy hair that can grow...long.
I'm sure dying is not one of them, but putting that aside, what can I do to make my hair grow faster?

Thank you so much for letting me show you all my hair adventures.
please help me.


how i know..

      How do I know that I married the perfect man for me? Because of our first Christmas. I knew beforehand, but now, there isn't any doubt. This sure knowledge is partly because of his ever so thoughtful gifts, partly because of how he spent today with me, and partly because of what is important to him. 

First thing he did today was come to work with me. He HELPED me open the frozen bookdrops and sort all the books down. When we got home, he eagerly handed me the gifts that he had spent so much time preparing and gathering for me. Weeks and weeks and weeks ago, I mentioned I wanted to start tanning...I got a month pass. I talked about how I miss my lace tops. I got one. I talked about how I want more flat boots. I now have 2 pairs! I mentioned how I wanted a foot spa in passing. I got one! I posted a picture on instagram about some jeans I thought were cute. He got me 2 pairs in the colors I wanted!! And a beautiful handmade hat in my absolute favorite color :)

Oh, and of course, he got some things that he loves :) Journal of Discourses from me :) Candy canes...from him, and a book on his favorite celebrity from his very sweet brother!! :D

The next thing he did? Called his mom. He's so sweet and loves her so much! So do I :) He then texted his brothers. Family is so important to him! He excitedly got ready and went to a party on my mom's side. Talked to everyone, asked sincere questions, complimented the food... Then my dad's. He played games and ate and had so much fun. MY family is his now..and really important to him too!

Next? We watched Christmas Story and cuddled..

And now? He's letting me blog, because he knows I like it..

Yeah, we get annoyed at each other sometimes. Yeah, we fight on occasion.

But he's a gem..
I love him so so much :)


Day of Silence

Please visit this page to place a donation.

Donations can also be sent directly to Newtown Youth and Family Services via 
Caroline's Gift,
15 Berkshire Road
 Sandy Hook CT 06482.


it's almost here

Christmas is almost here!
I can't help but feel different this year...
maybe it's because it's my first Christmas with Taylor as my husband,
or that it's my first Christmas not in school,
or maybe it's because I'm not quite prepared for it,
I don't know!
But it doesn't feel like Christmas to me. 
Not yet.
But I really hope it kicks up soon.
Because I miss it!
I feel like Cindy Lou Who!
"Where are you, Christmas?"

Okay, so this is what I been hearing for the past 30 minutes:
"I don't know what to write..."
"What am I supposed to do?"
"This is hard..."
"Will you finish it for me...?"
So here I am, folks. You may remember me from Taylor Tuesday's. It was around for a whole 2 weeks. Meaning 2 posts. 1 for each Tuesday. Yep. I blog. 
And here we go. If you haven't caught on yet, I'm Taylor. THE Taylor. The one she goes on and on and on about. The one who is supposedly the greatest thing ever. The one that is so nice and sweet and good looking and what not. Yeah... That's me! 
How are you guys doing? I am well. Okay enough about me. Back to the story...
So my baby is struggling to write. She runs into her road blocks, as does everyone else. And I'm just trying to bring up so many alternatives!!! 
Blog about connections! How we went on an hour drive last night talking about life and love and looking at Christmas lights. How we loooooooove to catch up on each other's thoughts and views. How great it is to be together. How we're making new, great friends, and developing strong relationships with our current friends.
Blog about new things you've learned! I just got done reading a book about Mr. $100 bill, Ben Frank. He was quite the man. Wise, funny, intelligent, kind, proactive, and one of the most important people in our country's history. The things we can learn from him! 
Blog about the freaking season we're in! Which is what she did start now kinda... So I can't get after her for that. 
Blog about updates with our lives! Like how we've finally paid off our pictures! (Oh, and this means you will be getting to see them very very soon on here!) 
OR something like that! 

But what do I know? I have no idea how to blog. I don't think I have it down one bit. Look at my spacing!! I don't know what I'm doing! But I like to think I'm given some slack for my third time ever. 
And there you have it. Not just more spacing, but another post in the life of Stubbornly Delighted. I hope it was a fun or somewhat entertaining read for you guys! If it was, let me know! I love feedback! If not, let me know! I love to hear what I can improve with my content or structure or spacing! I need help there! You guys are great. I know my wife truly adores the blogs she reads, and when you guys read her blog and comment and be involved with her blogging world. I know this is a huge thing for her. She loves to blog. It is one thing that kinda defines her! 

Aaaaaaaaand I'm done. Have a great Sunday, y'all! Most importantly, have a very Merry Christmas!


friday's letters...hope it's not too late

Dear Library,
Thank you so so much for letting me work here! It is by far the best job that I have ever had!

Dear Mikarose,
YOU SUCK! Please stop tormenting people with your overpriced and very low quality clothes that you store in a working bathroom. Good luck with your awful ideas and horrendous work ethic. I hate you.

Dear Husband,
I know working two jobs is really...not fun. But I'm proud of you for working hard, and being really optimistic! YOU ROCK! And you look super sexy in your Uhaul Thug Nasty Threads!

Dear House,
We are going places! You are gonna look absolutely grand in no time! I promise!

Dear Hair,
I know you're purple. I understand this is a big change. Hopefully we can pull it off without becoming one of those trashy purple hair people. I think we can.

Dear Blog,
I know you're not the most popular girl in school...or the prettiest..or the nicest, but I really enjoy you. :)

Dear Reader's Blogs,
If I'm not a follower yet, please email bomb me! I love reading blogs and getting to know people! It's the best! 

Dear Christmas Tree,
I really like that we decorated you with pictures of me and Taylor. Tay likes it too. :) Did you know that I love him? ....a lot??



writers block

Every day at work, I see hundreds and hundreds of books.
I put them away, I pick them up, I skim through them, I scan them.
I'm immersed in books.
I walk home, I sit down, and I blog about what?
In all those hundreds of books, most are not center aligned, with snippets of whatever nonsense, and big pictures of random whatevers.
Although, I suppose, some are like that...
mostly magazines, or picture books,
but the point is:
 my blog is so different than a book.

And as I work, I think about all the things I could write about..
religion, history, fantasy, a book about a teenage girl in love with a vampire, something!
 But at the same time, I can hardly figure out where I'm going with this one post!
I started a novel in High School...
it was about a kid named Matt who was an abnormally gifted at the piano..and he found a magic coin that transported him to a magic...place.
It was awful.
Maybe I'm not meant to write a book, but I have this blog.
And I really want this blog to NOT be... Matt and the Magic Coin,
but every time I sit down to write, all the ideas I once had are gone..
My brain melts and runs out my nose, and I'm left with a blank white rectangle on my computer screen.
I'm afraid to write about politics or theories or science,
good heavens, I'm not about to bore 92 people!

Here we are.
Here I am rambling about my writers block,
and here you are reading about it.

Quite frankly, that's all I can think of to say.


double trouble

Remember how I had two jobs?
Well one was just awful awful..
It's actually quite the story!
And now, I have one job.
BUT Taylor has two jobs
So, that still equals three jobs.
But even with those three jobs, we will have to wait til January for Christmas,

(The part of Christmas that Christmas is NOT all about, but that we all know that we all look forward to.) 

Stuff like that happens to newlyweds.....right?
But now I have time to catch up.
With bills.
With cleaning.
With groceries.
With cooking.
With life.

So, my double jobs ended up being trouble, but that is not what I intended creating this post about.
I'm talking about a much more fun kind of "double trouble"
Double dating!!

I don't know if you married folks agree, but I think that when you're married (or in a serious relationship) couple friends can save your life!

I love love love our couple friends!!!!
We have Sara and Kevin, Michelle and Russ, Bri and Ryan (they count if they're family...), and we are always looking for more!! 

We all have friends, and some of us have lots of single friends.
For some reason, when we get married, hanging out with our single friends changes drastically.
Not that we don't want to! Or that we can't!
But a lot of the time, your interests change.
Instead of shopping and boys and make-up, it's marriage and housekeeping and babies.
Well. Not that exactly, but you get what I mean.
It's hard being in different places, and we all need friends.
Anyway, my advice to all you love stricken fella's and ladies,
get a couple friend!
I promise, if you get along, then you will never regret your new friendship!
What do you think?
Oh, and any ideas for inexpensive and amazing Christmas gifts?
I'm kind of in desperate need..


the tyra banks complex

So, here I am in my messy apartment,
decorations strewn everywhere, Taylor's silly, dirty, once hidden socks in a pile, and only half of my Christmas lights working.
I guess I could hang the decorations, wash the socks, and fix the lights, buuuuuut I think I'd rather chill out before my first day working at the library..
I was watching The Seven Year Itch
(after switching from How to Steal a Million...to the disappointment of my sis-in-law  and many of you, I'm sure, I prefer Miss Monroe to Audrey...)
Oh, and I switched my notification sound from a light "ding" to sleigh bells.
It creeps me out every time.
I like this picture...and I can't even pinpoint why..

Anyway, have you guys ever seen that America's Next Top Model  episode where the girl says something and Tyra goes Ape...uh crazy and goes on and on and on about how that girl doesn't know where Tyra came from or who she is or blah blah blah.
Well. That is the Tyra Banks complex.
When people are really mean or unfair to me, (which happens almost every day at work), I think..
You don't know where I came from.
And I sometimes stew on it.
Give me a break! I just want a break! 
BUT wanna know something I hardly ever do?
Something I don't think Tyra did that one day?
I don't think...where did you come from?
What hardships have you suffered?
Do you need help?
why are you mad at me?
why  are you mean to me?
BUT at the same time, I firmly believe that one's past does NOT define you, nor does it give you any kind of excuse for any kind of behavior.
So, I'm a bit conflicted.
Can't we all just be nice to each other? No matter who we are or where we came from?
Look at this candid shot of Taylor :)
It's inspiring :)


home alone

As of right now, I work kind of a lot.
I picked up another job, and blah blah blah.
Taylor works really really hard, and he is just the best!
But there are times when Taylor is home alone.

I don't know what your significant others do when they are home alone, but mine watches a lot of football ;)
But you know what he did on the horrendous Black Friday,
when I was off to work at 5 AM,
and Taylor didn't have work for another 12 hours?
He did just darn near the cutest, nicest thing!
 I couldn't go Black Friday shopping...I had to work, and I was too busy hot tubbing and playing poker to hit places up at midnight.
But a few days ago, for kicks and giggles, I circled some things that I wanted in the "Black Friday Ads"
 And in those ads, was a pair of really cute, perfect, excellent boots!
Flash back to Friday, I get home for work at around 2, and THIS is what I see:
An ENTIRE outfit!
The PERFECT size!
Nail Polish included!
And in that box...Yeah..THE BOOTS!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
I didn't know he even saw my circles! 
Oh I love him.
I love surprises, and gifts, and...clothes.
Call me materialistic, buuuut maybe that's just my love language.
I married a guy that genuinely wants me to be happy way way way before himself.
And I'm not just saying that because I got some cute stuff, I'm saying it 'cause it's true!
Brag Brag Brag Brag Brag :)

PS: Look how sweet :)


a regal job

My current job is, in few words, dramatic.
I like retail...but one day, I'll tell y'all about the drama of Mikarose.
However,  right now, I have even cooler news!
I got another job!
Yes, I'll have two. 
I'm no stranger to that! This is my third time working TWO jobs; at one point, I had three...
I like working, it's fulfilling, fun, and most certainly time well spent.
My favorite job had to have been my dog walking gig.
Look how cute I was!
Plus, I got paid 10 bucks an hour to walk dogs and shovel up poop. NOT BAD!
AND I was outside all the time = tan and fit!

I digress..
I like super big time digress.
The point is, I got ANOTHER job!
At the Provo Library!
It's kind of a high school job...minimum wage...part time...but I think I'm really going to like it!
I'll be a page!

Yes, a page!
Sounds regal, yes?
Basically, I put books back :)
BUT I get to walk to work (exercise)
I can listen to my iPod (relaxing)
My boss is an angel (sweet)
And I love the library (fun)
It's gonna be an awesome way to pick up a few bucks for Christmas!!


hi there, stranger

I have a lot of things to write about...
I could write about how I used to HATE Taylor Swift and now I'm her biggest fan, 
or how I have great real friends from work and it's the best,
or how I just got brown skinny jeans and I actually like how they look,
or how my mom is in Oklahoma now,
or how work is a little ca-razy,
or how I hate it when people try much too hard to be funny..
or how my grandma is the sweetest woman alive,
or how awesome marriage is...
I have something to say.
I just wish to plead with everyone in the world to remember, we are all different.
In a lot of cases, there is a right way to do things and a wrong way, but not in everything.
Every marriage is different.
Every situation is different.
Everyone's way of handling money is different.
What people are happy with is different.
Heavens, how people dress is different, 
and that's okay!
MY way is not the only right way.
YOUR way is not the only right way.
Life is hard on everyone, so let's help each other through it...not push each other people back.
I'll talk to y'all soon!
Post Script: Look how cute me and my hubs are!!!
Stuck in hay..

Halloween! Premium Rush! (Don't worry...no one got the reference...)

Bein cute :)


our new baby

FIRSTLY, check out my giveaway over at Our Happily Ever After!
And then, stick around for a bit over there, because Alli is awesome and so so so sweet.
Plus, she recognized my husband as a hunk, which totally made my day!
My apologies for my last, heavy, and maybe even uncomfortable post.
It was kind of a vent thing about what I need to work on and how I wanna handle it.
Ha... C'est la vie!
( I have NO idea if I spelled that correctly..)
Last, but not least:
To the horror, understanding, and happiness of our various friends...
I don't know why, but I SO am.
But having a baby right now isn't really in our plans...
I told Tay I would settle for a puppy! But our Landlord told us, that wasn't allowed.
I can have a poopy, vomit, adorable baby, but not a poopy adorable puppy..according to our leasing contract.
What does a baby hungry, puppyless, babyless girl to do?
Mini Babies!
In the form of 3 Goldfish, a female Betta, and a Crab. 
(Left- Iguana Ice Bro, Right-Jacob and Edward)
(Krabby! Named after the heroic Pokemon!)
Our betta, Bella, is too camera shy...so :(

I love these little guys already!
I really do!
...they might be freezing since our heaters don't work.
Although, we do kind of  have a solution for that...

:) Hit me up any time! <3

PS: Any ideas or suggestions for my blog's background? 


bad talk

Lemme start out by saying this:
I bad talk.
Well, everyone does. Most everyone anyway.
Bad talk, gossip, back biting, whatever, it's all kind of fun and enjoyable, and all kind of really mean.
Lately, I've been thinking about it a lot. I don't think I'm one to constantly gossip, but I do gossip on occasion. I think most people do too..
The question is...how do I stop?
It's easier to have the mentality of "treat everyone like they are going through their worst trial," and "don't judge a book by a cover," when the "everyone" and the "book" our strangers or acquaintances.
It gets harder to not talk bad about the people we actually know and are close to.
Because then we have the justification of:
I'm not gossiping, I'm just stating facts about people I know.
But you know what? I think that's kind of stupid.
These are rules that I randomly thought of that I think REALLY makes something not gossip.

1. Would I say this to their face?
Most of us say "I'm not saying anything I wouldn't say to their face," but...really? Think about it. Would you say it the same exact way to them in person, as to some other person without them around.Would you really say "Margret, you are a dirt bag that sleeps around and is completely dishonest," to a "friend" or coworker? If so, then back biting might not be your biggest problem... So, would you say it to their face? Would you say EXACTLY the same thing to their face?

2.Is this really my business?
Much too often we think we have a right to talk about someone else because they are our cousin, or close friend, or even sibling, but that isn't always the case. Who someone is dating, or hanging out with, or what someone is doing, may be a concern for you, and if so, tell them and LET IT BE! It is no longer your business. You kind of have to say your peace and let them figure it out. Don't keep talking about it with your friends, don't keep talking about it with your family, just pray for them, talk to them, and let it be. There's no need to add yourself and others into business that you are really unwelcome in. People often are going through things that you don't fully understand, maybe they don't tell you everything. Just use your best judgement to decide if you really need to be talking about their situation. 

3.Is what I'm saying true?
I heard from a guy who heard from a guy is not the best way to get facts and share them as undeniable truths. Heck, even hearing from someone they are really close to doesn't make it at all true. You have to hear it from them. And remember, did they ask you to keep this confidential? Would common sense have you keep this confidential?

And the biggest and most important rule is

4.True or untrue, would what I'm saying hurt them if they could hear this conversation right now?
Everyone needs constructive criticism, but not everyone needs to be hurt in the process. I highly doubt that when we do gossip, we honestly want to hurt someone. And if so, well, that's another topic. Imagine that person right there beside you, how would they feel? How would you feel about their reaction? Is what your saying necessary?

It is certainly not easy to remember all these when talking to a friend about that girl you hate, or that guy you think is dumb, or that person you think is making a bad decision, or even that family member who is doing something wrong, but not gossiping really does make you feel better.

~If you gossip a lot in front of people, frankly, no one wants to be your friend. Not bad talking = more friends.
~Treating people with respect helps you get respect. Not bad talking = respect.
~ Gossiping always finds a way to get back to you in the end. Not bad talking = no sticky/dumb situations.
~Religiously, if we want to become perfect, bad talking has GOT to go! Not bad talking = closer to heaven :)
Not bad talking = happy.
My point is this (even though it may seem like I've had 1,00 points by now): We all want to be happy. The best way to get there is to love. Not bother with silly things that may hurt people, but to fill our lives, our relationships, and our conversations with love. There is NO downside to that.  i guarantee it.


fridays letters

Dear Husband,
I know everyone writes their first letter to their husbands in their "friday letters," (their 3 x!) BUT I want you to know that I am really really proud of you and what you have done and accomplished the last couple of days. I love you!

Dear Work,
You are not fair to me. I will continue to suck up all this unfairness, but be warned: our relationship is going nowhere, and I'm gonna leave you. You're not even hot.

Dear Tootsie,
Thank you for somehow lasting for 3 years now as a little Ford Escort with a cord hanging out. You were only $500, and worth every penny. Keep it up!

Dear Butt,
Thank you for being totally hawt! I feel like you will be sexy no matter how big I get! And that is awesome!

Dear Messy House,
Yes...I neglect you. I do love you, but why are you so much work?

Dear Outfit Yesterday,
I liked you!!!! So did 7 instagram friends...and that's a big deal for me...er us.

Dear Babies,
....I'm hungry for you. To have! NOT eat...

Dear Mommy,
Have fun in Oklahoma! I think it will be just wonderful for you :) but I will still miss you :/



i'm not fat

My appearance has always been a big deal for me.
Way. Too. Big.
I've been known to really obsess about the way that I look, it's quite unhealthy.
BUT I have gained weight. For real.
I think I might finally be able to be happy when I'm healthy, and not "Bleghhhhhhhhhh I'm fat."
I do say that though, and Tay does NOT like it! 
Anyway, I want to be healthy now! I want to like my appearance! I really really want to!
So, my ideas?
1. While I lose weight, buy clothes that fit me now! That way, I won't be so down every single time I get dressed and things don't fit :/
2. Eat better and workout!
3.Change my mindset. Stop saying "I'M SO FAT" all the time, and enjoy me!

That being said, I still have gained weight.
I really liked my body just a little bit smaller.
I'm not fat.
But I'd like to be a little bit smaller, because I know I liked that!
And all my cute clothes are that size...

But I need your help and support!!
Does anyone know good healthy recipes or food to eat?
Good exercises?
Things that work to make you healthy and happy???

And now, without further ado, I present to you my official before photos:

I'm not going to weigh myself...I think I would absolutely obsess over that.
I just want to be healthy!

PS: My favicon changed!! Do you liiiike it?
PPS: Thank you guys so much for all the nice things you said on my last post! I'm excited to keep getting my blog awesome looking! :)


home sweet home

I love our home!
Slowly it has become more and more us!
...if that makes sense. ;)
We can't afford all the home accents we want right now (curtains, a table with not broken chairs haha!), but because of the generosity of loved ones, we have a very wonderful home!!!
Wanna see?
I will show you!
(if you don't care to see...then...stop reading?)
(I don't know why I just put that..)
 I love our red accent wall!!! Which is good...cause we're not allowed to change it.. :)
We don't have a lot of storage space, so we put our shoes on this little book shelf.
 I love our bed! The mismatched pillows are vintage, right? ;D
My friend, Jess, made this table!!! Crazy right?? I love it!
 I love my blue teapot :) Maybe I should have put the dishes away  before taking a picture...
My blog remodeling is almost done! 
I'm making new buttons and things??
What do you guys think?
My next post will be more thought provoking, I hope!  haha :)


two things

Two things.
First, I'm back for real for real for real! 
I have pictures to prove it!
Taylor's brother gave us a tower, and as a late wedding gift/birthday gift/just being super nice gift, a secret someone got us a big ol' monitor!
It's big enough to double as a tv screen! 
We can finally watch movies in our living room...instead of the "netflix machine" (Tay's old phone) in our bed...
Although, that was fun too...
Sure, I have to sit on the floor to blog, but
It's October. I love October.
Easy. I met my wonderful husband in October!

I'm excited for this month :)
I get to wear fall clothes,

 we're going to the Oregon State vs BYU game
...in our Beaver gear...shhh..
Halloween is this month,  and it's gorgeous outside..GORGEOUS
I love this month :)
I'm revamping the appearance of my blog...or trying to...so bear with me.
I wanna get back into button swaps, guest posts, the whole thing, and I really really wanna get y'all a giveaway goin!!
I wanna make some changes in my life to better others..
I wanna stop gossiping, judging, and the rest of that dumb dumb stuff that so many of us do and justify why we do it.
I wanna tell you all FINALLY about the amazing Kelsey from A Muse in Purple 
Which I will do...right now!
A while ago, I signed up for a blogger gift exchange (of sorts). 
Everyone involved (and there were many), had someone to give a gift to!
I had Kelsey :)
Well present exchange time came, and guess who got zip, nada, nothin?
that's right.
I got gypped! 
So, after the whole thing, Kelsey sent me something! She sent her blogger something AND me something :)
Cute bangles, delicious lip gloss, a travel scentsy, and more. 
What an angel!
Thank you, Kelsey!\
Sorry it took so long to say it :)

And one last thing...
I need costume ideas for Halloween..anyone???



I'm back! I'm back!
For a bit..
Tay and I went to Oregon (or Errrigan) for a while (we stayed longer than planned...)
We had a lot of fun!
It was a sweet way to celebrate the last week of the first month of our marriage!
I LOVE being married!
It's seriously the best thing ever.
We've experienced a lot of ups and downs..
finances are tough, family can be tough, work can be tough,
lots of stuff can be tough,
BUT we have a good outlook.
We are really trying to center our lives on the Savior.
I'm pretty sure it's just gonna go up and up and up...:D
With hiccups, some will be HUGE ones...
but if we stay on the right path, there's always happiness to be found.

 (instagram mormon_quotes)

We always remember that things happen for a reason.

And my husband being a complete stud is definitely a plus!

Anyway, keep a good perspective, cause it's really helping us out.
And I bet it'll help you too!
Oh, and Errigan is GORGEOUS!