hi there, stranger

I have a lot of things to write about...
I could write about how I used to HATE Taylor Swift and now I'm her biggest fan, 
or how I have great real friends from work and it's the best,
or how I just got brown skinny jeans and I actually like how they look,
or how my mom is in Oklahoma now,
or how work is a little ca-razy,
or how I hate it when people try much too hard to be funny..
or how my grandma is the sweetest woman alive,
or how awesome marriage is...
I have something to say.
I just wish to plead with everyone in the world to remember, we are all different.
In a lot of cases, there is a right way to do things and a wrong way, but not in everything.
Every marriage is different.
Every situation is different.
Everyone's way of handling money is different.
What people are happy with is different.
Heavens, how people dress is different, 
and that's okay!
MY way is not the only right way.
YOUR way is not the only right way.
Life is hard on everyone, so let's help each other through it...not push each other people back.
I'll talk to y'all soon!
Post Script: Look how cute me and my hubs are!!!
Stuck in hay..

Halloween! Premium Rush! (Don't worry...no one got the reference...)

Bein cute :)


  1. The blogging world misses you. And we keep never hanging out in real life, and I hate it a little. :(

  2. Thank you!! I couldn't agree more. Honestly, there is one particular blogger who likes to disagree with everything I say about marriage. And I hate it. So thank you for clarifying that to everyone in the world who should read it.

    amanda @ we and serendipity