home alone

As of right now, I work kind of a lot.
I picked up another job, and blah blah blah.
Taylor works really really hard, and he is just the best!
But there are times when Taylor is home alone.

I don't know what your significant others do when they are home alone, but mine watches a lot of football ;)
But you know what he did on the horrendous Black Friday,
when I was off to work at 5 AM,
and Taylor didn't have work for another 12 hours?
He did just darn near the cutest, nicest thing!
 I couldn't go Black Friday shopping...I had to work, and I was too busy hot tubbing and playing poker to hit places up at midnight.
But a few days ago, for kicks and giggles, I circled some things that I wanted in the "Black Friday Ads"
 And in those ads, was a pair of really cute, perfect, excellent boots!
Flash back to Friday, I get home for work at around 2, and THIS is what I see:
An ENTIRE outfit!
The PERFECT size!
Nail Polish included!
And in that box...Yeah..THE BOOTS!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
I didn't know he even saw my circles! 
Oh I love him.
I love surprises, and gifts, and...clothes.
Call me materialistic, buuuut maybe that's just my love language.
I married a guy that genuinely wants me to be happy way way way before himself.
And I'm not just saying that because I got some cute stuff, I'm saying it 'cause it's true!
Brag Brag Brag Brag Brag :)

PS: Look how sweet :)


  1. Ohmygoodness!!! How sweet!!! A lot of guys don't even want to go shopping much less go shopping on Black Friday -- you've got a winner ;)

  2. I love the boots and the outfit! I can't wait to go shopping with you when I get home! After Christmas sales where we come!

  3. He is so, so sweet! What's even more of a miracle is that everything fit! I'm quite sure my husband could not manage to come up with the right sizes for everything, besides the fact that sizes are only guidelines and they change drastically from store to store... definitely a miracle!