the tyra banks complex

So, here I am in my messy apartment,
decorations strewn everywhere, Taylor's silly, dirty, once hidden socks in a pile, and only half of my Christmas lights working.
I guess I could hang the decorations, wash the socks, and fix the lights, buuuuuut I think I'd rather chill out before my first day working at the library..
I was watching The Seven Year Itch
(after switching from How to Steal a Million...to the disappointment of my sis-in-law  and many of you, I'm sure, I prefer Miss Monroe to Audrey...)
Oh, and I switched my notification sound from a light "ding" to sleigh bells.
It creeps me out every time.
I like this picture...and I can't even pinpoint why..

Anyway, have you guys ever seen that America's Next Top Model  episode where the girl says something and Tyra goes Ape...uh crazy and goes on and on and on about how that girl doesn't know where Tyra came from or who she is or blah blah blah.
Well. That is the Tyra Banks complex.
When people are really mean or unfair to me, (which happens almost every day at work), I think..
You don't know where I came from.
And I sometimes stew on it.
Give me a break! I just want a break! 
BUT wanna know something I hardly ever do?
Something I don't think Tyra did that one day?
I don't think...where did you come from?
What hardships have you suffered?
Do you need help?
why are you mad at me?
why  are you mean to me?
BUT at the same time, I firmly believe that one's past does NOT define you, nor does it give you any kind of excuse for any kind of behavior.
So, I'm a bit conflicted.
Can't we all just be nice to each other? No matter who we are or where we came from?
Look at this candid shot of Taylor :)
It's inspiring :)


home alone

As of right now, I work kind of a lot.
I picked up another job, and blah blah blah.
Taylor works really really hard, and he is just the best!
But there are times when Taylor is home alone.

I don't know what your significant others do when they are home alone, but mine watches a lot of football ;)
But you know what he did on the horrendous Black Friday,
when I was off to work at 5 AM,
and Taylor didn't have work for another 12 hours?
He did just darn near the cutest, nicest thing!
 I couldn't go Black Friday shopping...I had to work, and I was too busy hot tubbing and playing poker to hit places up at midnight.
But a few days ago, for kicks and giggles, I circled some things that I wanted in the "Black Friday Ads"
 And in those ads, was a pair of really cute, perfect, excellent boots!
Flash back to Friday, I get home for work at around 2, and THIS is what I see:
An ENTIRE outfit!
The PERFECT size!
Nail Polish included!
And in that box...Yeah..THE BOOTS!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
I didn't know he even saw my circles! 
Oh I love him.
I love surprises, and gifts, and...clothes.
Call me materialistic, buuuut maybe that's just my love language.
I married a guy that genuinely wants me to be happy way way way before himself.
And I'm not just saying that because I got some cute stuff, I'm saying it 'cause it's true!
Brag Brag Brag Brag Brag :)

PS: Look how sweet :)


a regal job

My current job is, in few words, dramatic.
I like retail...but one day, I'll tell y'all about the drama of Mikarose.
However,  right now, I have even cooler news!
I got another job!
Yes, I'll have two. 
I'm no stranger to that! This is my third time working TWO jobs; at one point, I had three...
I like working, it's fulfilling, fun, and most certainly time well spent.
My favorite job had to have been my dog walking gig.
Look how cute I was!
Plus, I got paid 10 bucks an hour to walk dogs and shovel up poop. NOT BAD!
AND I was outside all the time = tan and fit!

I digress..
I like super big time digress.
The point is, I got ANOTHER job!
At the Provo Library!
It's kind of a high school job...minimum wage...part time...but I think I'm really going to like it!
I'll be a page!

Yes, a page!
Sounds regal, yes?
Basically, I put books back :)
BUT I get to walk to work (exercise)
I can listen to my iPod (relaxing)
My boss is an angel (sweet)
And I love the library (fun)
It's gonna be an awesome way to pick up a few bucks for Christmas!!


hi there, stranger

I have a lot of things to write about...
I could write about how I used to HATE Taylor Swift and now I'm her biggest fan, 
or how I have great real friends from work and it's the best,
or how I just got brown skinny jeans and I actually like how they look,
or how my mom is in Oklahoma now,
or how work is a little ca-razy,
or how I hate it when people try much too hard to be funny..
or how my grandma is the sweetest woman alive,
or how awesome marriage is...
I have something to say.
I just wish to plead with everyone in the world to remember, we are all different.
In a lot of cases, there is a right way to do things and a wrong way, but not in everything.
Every marriage is different.
Every situation is different.
Everyone's way of handling money is different.
What people are happy with is different.
Heavens, how people dress is different, 
and that's okay!
MY way is not the only right way.
YOUR way is not the only right way.
Life is hard on everyone, so let's help each other through it...not push each other people back.
I'll talk to y'all soon!
Post Script: Look how cute me and my hubs are!!!
Stuck in hay..

Halloween! Premium Rush! (Don't worry...no one got the reference...)

Bein cute :)