how to lose your virgin lips.

Mmmmmm I love me some whacky first kiss stories! And if you do too, then this post will be the perfect treat for us both!
You know my sister and her husband were eachother's first kisses.Kinda cute!
Tay and I....were not.
But we were eachother's first kisses that counted!
Anyway, my cute, hilarious, and amazing friend, Brielle (LOVE her!). Is taking over my blog today!
And does she have a first kiss story for you!
So, here ya go!
Brielle, from mr. d & me:
oh, hi guys! my name is brielle & i hang out in a corner of the blogosphere commonly referred to as mr. d & me. it's a jolly good blog about marriagethe crazy college lifepinterest finds, and of course, my awesome husband, mister d and our life together so far.  he is an engineering intern at a local firm, and i spend my days doing mindless secretarial work from home.  we both rock at being students aka we stay up too late & do our homework last minute.
even though we {mostly he} work hard, we play hard too.  we have been married a grand total of 8.37 months and have already had a plethora of adventures together. like that one time our apartment building caught on fire after just a week of being married, or when he became a man again, not to mention our recent awesome vacation to the blessed land of disney.  life's a party, yo.
so, enough about my happy couple life. let me share with you a not-so-happy story. {don't worry, it's not about mr.d & me}. this is the tragic story of my super romantic first kiss.
[a small fact you should know before you dive in: i grew up in a funeral home, so when i refer to casket rooms & the mortuary, it's not as creepy.]
 moving on.
february 17, 2006:
i was fourteen. i had a boyfriend that was quite reminiscent of a hobbit who lived in a town about fifty miles up the mountain. i hardly knew him.  he was approximately five inches shorter than me. what was i thinking?
although i had almost kissed boys before, i still had what we call "virgin lips."
he was in town for a couple hours & i said i would give him a tour of my house. we made it as far as room #1: the casket room. i was standing there admiring a pink little number with roses when BAM!
surprise! he practically had to jump to reach my mouth, and i'm 79% our braces locked for a minute because my mouth was open. so. awkward.
he then asks, "uhhh, did you wanna try that again?"
"no thanks."
he left me with a box of chocolates and went home. 
unfortunately, we dated  another three months.
fortunately, we never kissed again.
how's that for romantic? nothing like a little braces-locking action while surrounded by coffins!
hopefully you don't judge me too much for sharing that story & still like me enough to stop by the blog and visit! 


the case of the missing rico

We've been hamster sitting for my sister.
She has an adorable, sweet hamster named Rico.
Well, this morning my sister woke me up with 
"I know you're sleeping, but Rico is missing! So if you hear any scratching.."
I got up to help the search.
Unfortunately, there was a very pessimistic cloud over our efforts.
Because of this:
this is my cat, Scamp.
He's seriously 20 pounds or so and loves to eat...EVERYTHING..
including hamsters.
The carpet was all shredded by the door of Rico's bedroom...
(aka the room his cage is in)
He must have escaped.
So, my sister and I got on all fours and began to play
Where would I go if I was a lil' hamster.
we crawled throughout the entire house.
We looked under everything.
We looked in everything.
 We looked over(?) everything.
But after an hour of searching, we came to the sad conclusion..
He must be inside our big, fat, kitty.
We dumped some food on the floor just in case, and gave up.
Eventually, my aunt came over, and my little cousin was NOT okay with giving up.
He NEEDED to find Rico.
So, his mom took a whack at it, and guess what?
After less than one minute,
She found him!
he was in the bottom drawer, right under his cage.
It was quite the happy celebration!
Also, I get married in exactly 1 month!


my REAL new job

Remember when I got a new job?
And it wasn't real?
Meet Miss Kolie, the new sales associate at
Halftees Kiosk!
Halftee? What's a halftee?
Oh, only the best clothing invention ever! ...next to heels.
But Kolie, why not just wear a regular tee for layering?
Because if you got a closer fitting dress or shirt and you wear a cami/t-shirt under it, you KNOW what happens.
Yep. Bunching.
And who wants to constantly reach inside their dress or shirt to adjust their underthings??
NOT me.
It's also a heck of a lot cooler!
No hassle :)
I really do love them, and I'm not just saying that cause I work there.
We also have sexy lace..

Anyway, my first day was today.
Can I get a "whoot whoot"??
I had a ton of fun, and my manager bought me a huge DC! 
(diet coke, abbreves help me keep up with the times...mosdef totes)

Thanks for your help and prayers!
Y'all rock!

What's that smell? It's getting stronger....ohhhh
It's the smell of a GIVEAWAY.
I've got a lot of reasons to celebrate now!
over 70 followers now!
(LOVE you all)
AND a new job!
If you want a slice of giveaway action, email me asap! :)


his&her q&a

my friends :)  we and serendipity and love the grows have started hosting a supa' cool link up: his & her q&a. 
 the idea is that they list ten questions every week & you and your significant other get to answer them. (I copied at pasted that sentence from mr. d &me....stop judging.)
Taylor and I aren't married YET, but I figure we're close enough...
Forgive our inappropriate selves.

What will your firstborn daughters name be?
His: Easy. I’ve had this name pegged for my firstborn (who will be a girl) for like years.
Quinn (my middle name) then (insert wife’s first name) Rios.
So it will be Quinn Nikole Rios 
Hers: Bam. That was an easy question. It’s my soon-to-be-name backwards! And our first child WILL be a girl.

What is your biggest shopping pet peeve? 
His: Hahaha my biggest shopping pet peeve is when I wanna go shopping, and my bank account won’t let me.
Hers: Which is every day. My biggest pet peeve is when stuff I want doesn’t fit.

If you could have any single superpower what would it be and why?
His: I have many superpowers already, one being the ability to be incredibly sappy and just overload my baby girl with sugar.
Hers: He’s so cute. Mine…would also…be that…plus flying! That way I could carry my sweetheart all the way to the perfect honeymoon ….every single night.

If you got a life-supply subscription to any magazine what magazine would you choose? 
His: Probably 2 magazines: Comso to find my best position and Sports Illustrated, not ESPN, cuz ESPN is a lil too kiddish and Sports Illustrated is just straight up awesome.
Hers: Ooh! All of them. Every magazine. Especially cosmo. Same reason as Tay….kinky.

What was your favorite subject in elementary school (recess and lunch don't count)?
His: My favorite subject was choir cuz my “girlfriend” was in it and I sat right next to her. Don’t be sad or mad, baby. I don’t even remember her name. Melissa something…maybe. But probably not. Anywho, yeah. I was a baller.
Hers: What?! Nerd. My favorite was Drama and English, because I freaking rocked at both.

You just scored $5. What do you spend it on?
His: Easy! Dollar theater! We sneak in our sodas and bring our refillable popcorn bucket that they forgot to take the tab off of 
Hers: If we both had 5..we’d share it..so ten! SO we’d get junior mints and crunch clusters too.

What were your thoughts when you first met your other half?
His: Define met… When I saw a picture, I was like, “She’s got great legs. Aww yeah!” But in person, I was seriously thinking, “Dang she is beautiful. I’m gonna make this girl my wife.”
Hers: Awww J I thought: He is so sexily brown. I will have him. I was quite shy too…I just really wanted to impress this guy. He’s an angel and I knew it at first sight.

If you could punch a company/business in the face who would you want to punch?
His: Haha!!! Alterra for screwing me over!! You hear that, Kyle and Vess??? TOOOLS!!!!!
Hers: Haha!!! VESS! YOU ARE A TOOLBAG STINKY FACE. (but we forgive you, because we’re better than that..and you) I would also punch Alterra again.

Favorite classic Disney princess?
His: OHHHHH!!! The foxy fox off of Robin Hood! Lady Marian!!! Mmm yeah she foxy.
Hers:  :(

If you could reincarnate into any animal after you die what animal would you want to be?
His: A giraffe, so I can still be with my baby girl. Either that, or a puppy dog and be everyone’s best friend!
Hers: I would be a giraffe too! Obviously my sweetheart knew that beforehand  We would be in giraffe puppy love.

stubborn sunday: charity

Yep. Finally, I'm getting around to why my blog is what it is.
"Stubbornly Delighted"
It's kind of like....there are things in life that I believe we can be stubborn about..or should.
There are things I'm very stubborn about, but not necessarily in a bad way.
So, today is the first Stubborn Sunday.
I want to share something that I feel one should be stubborn about every week.
I'm sure you will disagree with some of my thoughts, and feel free to say so!
Today, I want to talk about my desire to be stubbornly charitable.
Everyone needs charity at some point in their life.
They need a helping hand, but too often do people ignore those in need.
And no, I don't mean literally ignore.
The other day, Tay and I gave a ride to a girl walking down the street.
It was HOT. And she was very grateful.
I'm really glad I asked her if she wanted one, but what if she said no.
I did my part. I offered, if she said no, that's not my fault, I'm still charitable....not.
I decided that's not true.
Saying "is there anything I can do for you?" doesn't mean all that much.
You haven't actually done anything.
I guess what I'm getting at, is that charity as the world defines it is not charity to me.
"Donating to charity" helps a lot..I'm sure,
but personally, I don't think that's nearly enough.
Saying, "Can I help you?" is not an empty phrase.
When I ask people that, I mean it, but I didn't do anything. Not yet.
Whenever people ask me that, I can think of plenty of things! 
My kitchen is a mess, I can't afford this or that, I need this..
But I just say
"Thank you for asking. I'm fine"
And whenever I ask that question, that's the answer I get.
So, just do it.
Surprise someone by picking up some clothes.
Clean up something for someone.
Be polite.
Offer a ride to  a stranger.
Give a homeless person some groceries.
just DO IT.
Don't talk about it...cause you ain't helping no one.


Help Jaceland

There are many etsy shops out there.
Not gonna lie, this is what happens when I usually look at an Etsy shop.
Hey that's cool, I could totally make that.
And then I definitely don't buy and definitely do make it.
But there's some shops that have that WOW factor.
Introducing Jaceland!
Jacie is adorable :) 
Hear her out!!:
hey you guys! 

i have 87 sales at my etsy shop, JACELAND!
i need your help to get to 100 by the end of the month! :)
in order to do so, i'm offering 15% off your entire purchase until i get to 100!
use code SUNSHINE15

this doesn't mean that YOU have to buy something, but if you could help me spread the word, i'd be very VERY grateful! 
ways YOU could help:
***buy something***
***say a prayer***
***repost this to your blog***
***offer my site to someone else looking for a gift***
***other stuff i can't think of***
Wanna see some of my favorite products?!
I thought so.
Isn't she just adorable??
Visit Jaceland now!
(Because the prices freaking rock AND she just gave y'all a discount!)


quit your cursing

I used to cuss.
I used to cuss up a cluster cuss of a cussing cuss storm.
But then, I started going to a church that doesn't like the whole...cuss thing.
AND I fell in love with someone who really really doesn't like the whole cuss thing.
So, I stopped the whole cuss thing.
Unfortunately, I can't get the inappropriateness out of my system. 
Well, I can.
But like, the other day, Taylor and I wanted to invent a game involving some real old tennis rackets.
I created a name for the game that innocently combined:
Tennis, Taylor, and Nikole.
one day, maybe I'll mature a little bit.
Until then, I'd like you all to know, that even with my immaturity,
I fell in super big time love with the sweetest guy ever.
He laughs at all my dumb jokes, and all the stupid things I say
(I hardly ever think before I speak..)
Last night, I fell asleep on the floor.
This morning, Taylor came over to grab something before work.
He lifted me off the floor and carried me to my bed :)
He tucked me in all cozy.
I love him.
I love the cussing cuss out of him!
I cussing love him so cussing much!


My Fair Wedding: Part 8

So, the last part talked about how I had to change my wedding date.
...just to expound a little.
No one wants to change their wedding date.
A lot of people were upset with me...because it was inconvenient for them.
I understand that. I really do.
I know it was a little last minute.
I know it was hard for people involved.
But, good heavens, it was harder for me.
I want to get married in 10 days!
Heck, I want to get married today, but I had to move it.
Thank you to those that are supportive, even though I put a snag in your plans.
It means a lot.
Now on to different matters!
We found a photographer!
Yeah, she's amazing!
Secondly, wanna see my mad invitation design skills??
Awesome, right??
We have more formal invitations for a little formal dinner the day before :)
Best of both worlds!

Also, I want to share something that has made me ever so happy.
Taylor wears his wedding band now ;)
Although it caused a little question in my family, it turns out that it's the best thing ever.
At first I was like....
Then it's less special when we're married...
But I wear my ring now, I guess he can do the same.
:) I call it his engagement ring.
Girls! He's mine!
And they know it ;)


blogger rebelion

Last night I had a conversation, convo if you will, with Tay that went something like this:
"I think I'm going to totally change the style of my blog"
"Yeah, make it more like me"
"I thought you already did that."
"Yeah, but I don't think it worked."
Because here's the thing...
If I had an outfit picture everyday, a slew of them would look like this:
  Yes, I go to movies like this..or worse.
Yes, that's my messy teenage room from highschool.
The first time I have ever heard of Anthropologie or J.Crew was like...4ish months ago.
 Sure, they have cute clothes.
But I don't look for $40 pieces on sale for $13,
I look for $13 pieces on sale for $4.
So...I don't think I'll be buying anything from those places for quite the while.

 And I like to make cute jewelry and cook 
(PS I am a dang good cook, I tell you what)
But I don't really like writing about it..
I do love reading about all those though.
I love looking at how creative people are in how they dress!
And I LOVE the things that people are able to come up with :)
In conclusion,
I love YOUR blog no matter what you write about ;)
I want to blog about something else though maybe.
We'll see what happens. 

What do you think?


good impression

Because of Miss Sweet Brielle's giveaway, I've already gained 2 followers!
but here's the thing...
one time I did something just awful. Just awful awful.
I followed a blog, because she was doing a giveaway...
and I really really really wanted it!
But then.......I didn't get it.
I did it...
the unthinkable...
the ever so rude.
I unfollowed her.
I just wasn't exactly interested in what she blogged about,
NOT her fault.
  But still..I'd like y'all to stick around!
SO, I wanna make a good impression!
.....here it is!
I'm engaged! 
He's hot and Mexican.
I'm a good dancer!
So graceful, people can't keep up!
I'm a master crafter!
I always think hard about the possible outcomes before going ahead and doing something.

I'll quit while I'm ahead.
But hey...
I'd love to have you!
Email me to say hi :)
If you are a fellow blogger, let's set something up, eh?
timelesslove50 {at} gmail {dot} com
will someone tell me why that's the way to write emails?
Does it prevent spam mail?


a sunday thought:families with different beliefs

Hello everyone :)
Sometimes, I like to bring it down a notch
it meaning my sarcasm, joking, ditsy, asd;flkas side
and talk about something I really care about.
When I say families with different beliefs, I don't mean two families..but rather one family where different members believe different things.
Since I've become active in the religion that I'm in now,
there have been a few disputes in my family (immediate and extended)
Nothing big though..
How I spend my Sundays.
How I spend my money.
etc, etc.
I love my family.
all of my family.

But sometimes the small differences that I have with my family, makes me wonder about those that live in families with two very strong, different beliefs.
Like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
I like that movie a lot!
But it didn't work there...I mean, that guy had to become Greek in order to happily marry that girl.
I've been asked several times if I would date someone out of my religion.
BACK when I was still dating!
I always said 
because I'm a very firm believer that
it's not what you've done,
what you haven't done,
what you've accomplished,
where your from,
what your family is like,
it's about how you treat other people, yourself, and me. 
Was I a bad person before I chose this religion?
Not really...
Would millions of boys answer this question with a "no,"
Did that make me sad?
Maybe then, but not now...  
Because people then asked me if I would marry someone outside of my religion.
I always said,
"Absolutely not."
And for a lot of people, dating is purely finding that person to one day marry.

I'm getting married in one month and 10 days now.
I'm getting married in an LDS Temple.
I am ecstatic!
But sometimes, I can see the hurt in my mother's eyes...
she can't go in the Temple with me.
But I love her so much,
and she understands.
Maybe she doesn't believe the same things I do,
maybe she spends her money differently,
and her Sundays differently,
but I would be a fool to say I didn't learn the most important lessons from my mom.
a downright fool.

I guess what I'm getting at is that I don't think it often works,
families with different beliefs,
but a family is a family,
and a family that loves each other will make things work.
Sometimes to make things work, other things have to be broken...
but that's an entirely different discussion.

Happy Sunday everyone :)


they say today is unlucky

They say today is unlucky.
But today,
I have reached
That is quite the big deal, I dare say!
A give-a-way is in order!!!
So, I'll figure out what to do there....
Happy weekend!
Enjoy these! :)


being poor is kind of hilarious

First off.
Look how sexy I looked yesterday!
You like my fake long hair??
I still haven't dyed it...so it it's a little off.
But two teen kids definitely checked me out when I was turning in an application...
Yes they were teen boys...
I'm a beast.
I know.
I kid I kid.
Anyway, yesterday I wanted cookies for dinner.
I don't really like chocolate...but I like chocolate chip cookies.
I begged and begged and finally Tay agreed to let me get some chocolate chips.
(Real conversation: Me:"I want chocolate chip cookies!" Tay: "Yeah? Wanna get some chocolate chips?")
I wanted to go to the local grocery store.
You can always rely on getting a bag of western family chocolate chips for $1.50.
But Tay wanted to use our rewards card at smiths.
Smiths doesn't have western family.
Smiths has Kroger.
I. Hate. Kroger.
But Smiths it is. 
Well Kroger had a bag of chocolate chips for $1.50...
No one likes semi-sweet.
 So I dug around and in the back of the shelf was a bag of kroger milk chocolate chip cookies
for $2.
Well when you're Nikole and Tay, 50 cents is a BIG deal.
   The total came out to be $2.06
I had $2.04
  We put all the change in the little self-check-out machine
Now what?
Well we tore apart my black hole (aka purse)
One penny! 
Now what?
We used our card to pay for one cent.
It's kind of like the time we had to move around money to pay $3 at the post office.
Hahah oh life :)
The real challenge was getting Tay to keep his fingers out of the dough....
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!


this is getting ridiculous

10 interviews.
I'm seriously not bad at interviewing! Really!
But everyone is doing "internal hires"
meaning...I gotta know someone.
I just want to help out. I hate that it's all on Taylor's shoulders right now.
I'm trying!
I am!
Trying hard enough to get 10 interviews!
One day...I'll figure it out.
In the meantime, 
Dear interviewers,
you made a BIG mistake.
These are the cupcakes my sister made for my carnival bridal shower. :)
The popcorn cupcakes:
vanilla cupcakes topped with vanilla frosting and marshmallows 
The cotton candy cupcake:
vanilla cupcakes topped with pink frosting and a dollop of cotton candy
The pink lemonade cupcake:
pink lemonade cupcakes topped with pink lemonade frosting, a piece of a straw, and a piece of a lemon candy


Sponsor Shout-Out!! Wonderful Mr D. & Me

Okay, so my interaction with other blogs has been...subpar
But, I'm working on it! 
Things I've learned and need to work on:
~Answering emails QUICKLY
~Having dates for things
~Being prepared to answer questions....
While I work on that, meet a girl who has incredible patience with me!
Her name is Brielle
She is seriously awesome.
Not only is her blog cute and fun,
but she is beautiful, sweet, and amazing!
Not only is she really helping to get my blog up and growing, she's helping me with tons of other stuff too!
Including finding a photographer for my wedding.
Awesome, right?
So here she is :)
My friend and blogging buddy Brielle.
You won't regret it :)
Why do you blog? 
 mostly because i'm madly in love with it!  i love the closeness of the blogging community and the chance i have to ramble on about whatever i want, whenever i want.
What do you blog about?
 really, i just blog about life in general... my cute husband, failed recipes, little crafts, stupid mean girls, crazy professors, and the crazy things that happen on a daily basis! ...but mostly my cute husband. we're in love. it's fun.
What slang word or phrase do you love to use? 
 "what the fart?" is very popular in my dictionary... don't judge me.  it's better than my past used "poopskid" and other words that aren't fit to print.
If you had 10 minutes on a popular TV talk show, what would you talk about?
 i would tell everyone about my religion as a latter-day saint, about how families are forever and how important it is to me, and how the Lord loves each and every one of us more than we will ever comprehend. i would also probably cry. {for more information on the lds religion, visit mormon.org}

You love her already 



Firstly, thank you so much to everyone that commented on my last post.:)
It's such a blessing to be helped and loved by friends like you!
I only hope I can do the same for you when you need it, and I will!
In other news
(less nice news)
My instagram is WIGGIN out!
I touched the little icon on my smartphone...my fience's smartphone because I don't have one..
I touched it and it went to Tay's calendar...
so, I tried again, and it went to his contact list...
then a wordsearch game,
then the internet ...
I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, and it worked
for like 2 seconds.
So lame!
I was just starting to get it down :/


happy pants

I can't seem to get my happy pants on today.
ya know?
The pants...okay; it's a metaphor.
But still.
My regular pants aren't really gettin on either.
(See what I mean?)
This is the pouty face that Tay finds so adorable :)
For some reason, it seems a little daunting..the whole....everything thing.
Our photographer won't be around for our new wedding date.
My interview today was meh and I've heard nothing from my other interviews yet.
We have no moneys.
Stuff and things.
You know how it is.
 So, my happy pants are just not fittin today.
Maybe they will later!
Maybe my other pants will fit too!
I don't know.
Maybe y'all can do me a favor tonight and put a lil' blurb in your prayers for me.
Something like 
And help that girl with the happy pants, the fear of deer, and the Toddlers and Tiaras obsession, to find a job.
 I would be forever grateful. 
I love you all.
At least Tay has his head on straight.
"if we keep a strong spirit and take it on, we're gonna make it through :) we just gotta keep on keepin on!"
Yep. Smart boy, that one.


keep it positive

Happy slightly belated 4th of July, everyone!
I put on a tough face today...hoping that no one would know that the 4th of July is my absolute least favorite holiday.
Okay! BEHIND the really boring ones...like labor day.
I told Tay this when we very first started dating, but I don't think I remembered.
It's just that the 4th of July consists of a few things...
I don't like parades.
I don't like fireworks.
(weird, right?)
I do like barbecues though!
It's just not a holiday I get stoked  for, is all. 
BUT I decided to swallow my pride, stay positive, and enjoy the first 4th of July with my future husband.
And this is what happened.
So, we kicked off the holiday on Monday, with a block party/ firework show.
Remember when I said I don't like fireworks? Let me 'splain.
I don't like fireworks that you light on the street...with a little fizzle fountain...a high-pitched squeal...and done.
I also don't like really big fireworks from a distance. ....when they're far away, they don't look that cool to me.
But I do like big fireworks when they're close!
So, I had fun at the block party :)
We even danced a little after!
The next day, we hit up the Bizarre :)
We spent basically all of our money. on what?
I will tell you!
It's us!!!
and we got these made!
Now this is where it gets fun.
There's a parade where I live. 
A big parade.
A BIG DEAL parade.
People camp out all night to see these things.
People were camped out on our lawn.
Well. We decided to be nice and just camp out with them, rather then make them move.
So at about 2 am, we secured a spot.
We watched some Netflix and just started to fall asleep when a police officer said we had to move until 5 am.
We told him it was our house...but that didn't fly.
I guess we were on the wrong side of the sidewalk. 
So as we moved to the other side, the sprinklers turned on.
Wet, tired, and sad, we returned to the inside.
At 5, we headed back out. Every single spot was taken.
We grabbed a little spot and settled in.
We started to fall asleep when music started blaring!
There was a freaking huge marathon down the entire street. The row of people lasted for almost an hour...
and so did the music.
We were disgusting. We were tired. We were laughing.

Eventually Ryan and Bri joined our little spot and we watched the parade.
It was boring...
And we left.
haha we hung out and had fun for the rest of the day :)
Scary movies, dancing, stuff and things.
It turned out to be pretty fun!
We made some memories that's for sure :D
Being positive makes for a fun day!


My Fair Wedding Part 7

So, I've got some news!
Now that I've told most of my family and a few of my friends, and posted it on facebook, I guess I can blog about it...my wedding was supposed to be this month.
But...it's not :/
Because we had to change our date :(
I'm struggling to find a job still...and family stuff...and just...well delaying the wedding another month was something we decided we had to do.
It's the right thing to do.
I feel really good about it.
But at the same time, I can't help but think...
I was going to get married in less than a month!
I was going to get married the first full day of the Olympics.
etc. etc.
But I am happy.
August is a lucky month to get married!
That's what my interviewer said anyway.
haha and I believe her.
I can wait a month for eternity!
I love Taylor Rios.
And I'm still gonna be Mrs. Nikole Rios...
Just a lil' bit later is all :)


my grandma did what?!

I had a very family oriented day today.
Don't you love those?
I went to the mall with my grams and helped her to find a new dress...well tried.
She bought me an "Everything Pretzel" delish!
It was paretty fun!
Then I visited my dad and stepmom!
That's always a treat.
OH, and my stepmom got me some earrings that I wanted SO bad in gold and silver!
AND This adorable ring :)
It's totally an elephant.
Isn't she amazing?!
I went to my other grandmother's next.
She's so sweet :)
She gave me two gorgeous vintage table cloths, and a doily and rag set that my great grandma made!
And you know what I found out today?
My great grandmother stabbed my great grandfather!
It was an accident, and he stayed alive only long enough to testify in her favor.
If he would have died sooner...she would have been arrested for murder! 
How crazy is that??
I had no idea!
Apparently, she was still ostracized for it, even though she wasn't guilty.
What an interesting story!!
In conclusion,
Family is awesome.
I can't wait to start my own family!
I had two interviews today.
dig the interview outfit and hair?