good impression

Because of Miss Sweet Brielle's giveaway, I've already gained 2 followers!
but here's the thing...
one time I did something just awful. Just awful awful.
I followed a blog, because she was doing a giveaway...
and I really really really wanted it!
But then.......I didn't get it.
I did it...
the unthinkable...
the ever so rude.
I unfollowed her.
I just wasn't exactly interested in what she blogged about,
NOT her fault.
  But still..I'd like y'all to stick around!
SO, I wanna make a good impression!
.....here it is!
I'm engaged! 
He's hot and Mexican.
I'm a good dancer!
So graceful, people can't keep up!
I'm a master crafter!
I always think hard about the possible outcomes before going ahead and doing something.

I'll quit while I'm ahead.
But hey...
I'd love to have you!
Email me to say hi :)
If you are a fellow blogger, let's set something up, eh?
timelesslove50 {at} gmail {dot} com
will someone tell me why that's the way to write emails?
Does it prevent spam mail?


  1. Haha you're a cutie! I followed your blog before this fabulous giveaway. And you're not the only one guilty of unfollowing once-cool giveaway bloggers! I can say that with full confidence!

    Amanda at http://weandserendipity.blogspot.com

  2. How have I never seen that Aida pic? It's awesome!