happy pants

I can't seem to get my happy pants on today.
ya know?
The pants...okay; it's a metaphor.
But still.
My regular pants aren't really gettin on either.
(See what I mean?)
This is the pouty face that Tay finds so adorable :)
For some reason, it seems a little daunting..the whole....everything thing.
Our photographer won't be around for our new wedding date.
My interview today was meh and I've heard nothing from my other interviews yet.
We have no moneys.
Stuff and things.
You know how it is.
 So, my happy pants are just not fittin today.
Maybe they will later!
Maybe my other pants will fit too!
I don't know.
Maybe y'all can do me a favor tonight and put a lil' blurb in your prayers for me.
Something like 
And help that girl with the happy pants, the fear of deer, and the Toddlers and Tiaras obsession, to find a job.
 I would be forever grateful. 
I love you all.
At least Tay has his head on straight.
"if we keep a strong spirit and take it on, we're gonna make it through :) we just gotta keep on keepin on!"
Yep. Smart boy, that one.


  1. I'm so sorry things are yucky right now, but he's right. Just keep your head in faith and everything will work out eventually. Until then curl up with a big bowl of chocolate ice cream (or cookies'n'cream or mint or whatever tickels your fancy) and watch those crazy toddlers in tiaras and try to take your mind off it for a little while ;) That always helps to step back for a bit then look at things again with fresh eyes ;) And good luck!!!

  2. I loooooove your outfit pic!!! You look HAWT. And don't worry, just know that tomorrow can only get better. And that bridal interview? Just got back from mine and that lady was freaking intense. Didn't look like a fun job. Just keep being persistence with jobs, the hard work will come back and work out in the end. Plus, this is the poor time in our lives, then it's supposed to get better! Just keep doing the right things and working hard Kolie :)

    Love you!

  3. If your happy pants don't fit just put on some sweats and make it work ;) Sorry things are a bit off right now, i'll be sending prayers your way for everything to get back on track!

  4. WELL... you look GORGEOUS, so... meh! i just got fired the other day, so that's no. fun... oogles of interviews... there's something out there for you! i'll be putting my praying pants on tonight for you!


  5. Oh darling! I'm sorry! I'm positive that everything will turn out on your wedding date. I remember that...being ridiculously stressed and feeling like constant blegh. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope you find your happy pants (:

    Amanda at we & serendipity

  6. Baby you're so funny. I wish I could say something to lift your spirits but I can only think of one thing... Ugh the world! We got it, champ. Keep your head in the game. Eye on the prize. I'm making us moneys :) love ya muah!

    1. Lol I commented as your profile. Nerd comments on her own status. Haha

  7. life gets so stressful during wedding planning! i wouldn't go back for anything! but just remember it will all be worth it in the end. also, if your happy pants don't fit... but on your pj's and eat some ice cream. it helps. (: let me know if you need anything! happy to help!

    xo, b.