My Fair Wedding: Part 8

So, the last part talked about how I had to change my wedding date.
...just to expound a little.
No one wants to change their wedding date.
A lot of people were upset with me...because it was inconvenient for them.
I understand that. I really do.
I know it was a little last minute.
I know it was hard for people involved.
But, good heavens, it was harder for me.
I want to get married in 10 days!
Heck, I want to get married today, but I had to move it.
Thank you to those that are supportive, even though I put a snag in your plans.
It means a lot.
Now on to different matters!
We found a photographer!
Yeah, she's amazing!
Secondly, wanna see my mad invitation design skills??
Awesome, right??
We have more formal invitations for a little formal dinner the day before :)
Best of both worlds!

Also, I want to share something that has made me ever so happy.
Taylor wears his wedding band now ;)
Although it caused a little question in my family, it turns out that it's the best thing ever.
At first I was like....
Then it's less special when we're married...
But I wear my ring now, I guess he can do the same.
:) I call it his engagement ring.
Girls! He's mine!
And they know it ;)


  1. cuuuuute invites! who did you find for photography?

  2. Whoever got mad at you? REALLY? They're just poopy pants. That's it. :) I'll still be there! And it's far enough in advance too so it's even better! You guys are just adorable and I can't wait to meet him nikole! Who did you get as a photographer? :)

  3. LOVE the invites, girl! Great job!

  4. Your a very talented designer, those invites are super pro.

  5. awww...congrats for your engagement! i love the invitation

  6. That invitation is boss. Can't wait!