being poor is kind of hilarious

First off.
Look how sexy I looked yesterday!
You like my fake long hair??
I still haven't dyed it...so it it's a little off.
But two teen kids definitely checked me out when I was turning in an application...
Yes they were teen boys...
I'm a beast.
I know.
I kid I kid.
Anyway, yesterday I wanted cookies for dinner.
I don't really like chocolate...but I like chocolate chip cookies.
I begged and begged and finally Tay agreed to let me get some chocolate chips.
(Real conversation: Me:"I want chocolate chip cookies!" Tay: "Yeah? Wanna get some chocolate chips?")
I wanted to go to the local grocery store.
You can always rely on getting a bag of western family chocolate chips for $1.50.
But Tay wanted to use our rewards card at smiths.
Smiths doesn't have western family.
Smiths has Kroger.
I. Hate. Kroger.
But Smiths it is. 
Well Kroger had a bag of chocolate chips for $1.50...
No one likes semi-sweet.
 So I dug around and in the back of the shelf was a bag of kroger milk chocolate chip cookies
for $2.
Well when you're Nikole and Tay, 50 cents is a BIG deal.
   The total came out to be $2.06
I had $2.04
  We put all the change in the little self-check-out machine
Now what?
Well we tore apart my black hole (aka purse)
One penny! 
Now what?
We used our card to pay for one cent.
It's kind of like the time we had to move around money to pay $3 at the post office.
Hahah oh life :)
The real challenge was getting Tay to keep his fingers out of the dough....
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!


  1. The Schroeder's and cookie dough get along greatly. I can definitely relate!

    Amanda at: http://weandserendipity.blogspot.com