how to lose your virgin lips.

Mmmmmm I love me some whacky first kiss stories! And if you do too, then this post will be the perfect treat for us both!
You know my sister and her husband were eachother's first kisses.Kinda cute!
Tay and I....were not.
But we were eachother's first kisses that counted!
Anyway, my cute, hilarious, and amazing friend, Brielle (LOVE her!). Is taking over my blog today!
And does she have a first kiss story for you!
So, here ya go!
Brielle, from mr. d & me:
oh, hi guys! my name is brielle & i hang out in a corner of the blogosphere commonly referred to as mr. d & me. it's a jolly good blog about marriagethe crazy college lifepinterest finds, and of course, my awesome husband, mister d and our life together so far.  he is an engineering intern at a local firm, and i spend my days doing mindless secretarial work from home.  we both rock at being students aka we stay up too late & do our homework last minute.
even though we {mostly he} work hard, we play hard too.  we have been married a grand total of 8.37 months and have already had a plethora of adventures together. like that one time our apartment building caught on fire after just a week of being married, or when he became a man again, not to mention our recent awesome vacation to the blessed land of disney.  life's a party, yo.
so, enough about my happy couple life. let me share with you a not-so-happy story. {don't worry, it's not about mr.d & me}. this is the tragic story of my super romantic first kiss.
[a small fact you should know before you dive in: i grew up in a funeral home, so when i refer to casket rooms & the mortuary, it's not as creepy.]
 moving on.
february 17, 2006:
i was fourteen. i had a boyfriend that was quite reminiscent of a hobbit who lived in a town about fifty miles up the mountain. i hardly knew him.  he was approximately five inches shorter than me. what was i thinking?
although i had almost kissed boys before, i still had what we call "virgin lips."
he was in town for a couple hours & i said i would give him a tour of my house. we made it as far as room #1: the casket room. i was standing there admiring a pink little number with roses when BAM!
surprise! he practically had to jump to reach my mouth, and i'm 79% our braces locked for a minute because my mouth was open. so. awkward.
he then asks, "uhhh, did you wanna try that again?"
"no thanks."
he left me with a box of chocolates and went home. 
unfortunately, we dated  another three months.
fortunately, we never kissed again.
how's that for romantic? nothing like a little braces-locking action while surrounded by coffins!
hopefully you don't judge me too much for sharing that story & still like me enough to stop by the blog and visit! 


  1. You guys were each others first kisS? That is so cute. How awesome! And I love that photo of you guys. Your outfit is lovely!

    Amanda at: we & serendipity

  2. I love your pictures Brielle. :) I liked your story too. hahaha. First Kiss was pretty funny story.

  3. hhaha loved reading this!! there's always good first kiss stories to tell :)

    andrea brionne