stubborn sunday: charity

Yep. Finally, I'm getting around to why my blog is what it is.
"Stubbornly Delighted"
It's kind of like....there are things in life that I believe we can be stubborn about..or should.
There are things I'm very stubborn about, but not necessarily in a bad way.
So, today is the first Stubborn Sunday.
I want to share something that I feel one should be stubborn about every week.
I'm sure you will disagree with some of my thoughts, and feel free to say so!
Today, I want to talk about my desire to be stubbornly charitable.
Everyone needs charity at some point in their life.
They need a helping hand, but too often do people ignore those in need.
And no, I don't mean literally ignore.
The other day, Tay and I gave a ride to a girl walking down the street.
It was HOT. And she was very grateful.
I'm really glad I asked her if she wanted one, but what if she said no.
I did my part. I offered, if she said no, that's not my fault, I'm still charitable....not.
I decided that's not true.
Saying "is there anything I can do for you?" doesn't mean all that much.
You haven't actually done anything.
I guess what I'm getting at, is that charity as the world defines it is not charity to me.
"Donating to charity" helps a lot..I'm sure,
but personally, I don't think that's nearly enough.
Saying, "Can I help you?" is not an empty phrase.
When I ask people that, I mean it, but I didn't do anything. Not yet.
Whenever people ask me that, I can think of plenty of things! 
My kitchen is a mess, I can't afford this or that, I need this..
But I just say
"Thank you for asking. I'm fine"
And whenever I ask that question, that's the answer I get.
So, just do it.
Surprise someone by picking up some clothes.
Clean up something for someone.
Be polite.
Offer a ride to  a stranger.
Give a homeless person some groceries.
just DO IT.
Don't talk about it...cause you ain't helping no one.

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