keep it positive

Happy slightly belated 4th of July, everyone!
I put on a tough face today...hoping that no one would know that the 4th of July is my absolute least favorite holiday.
Okay! BEHIND the really boring ones...like labor day.
I told Tay this when we very first started dating, but I don't think I remembered.
It's just that the 4th of July consists of a few things...
I don't like parades.
I don't like fireworks.
(weird, right?)
I do like barbecues though!
It's just not a holiday I get stoked  for, is all. 
BUT I decided to swallow my pride, stay positive, and enjoy the first 4th of July with my future husband.
And this is what happened.
So, we kicked off the holiday on Monday, with a block party/ firework show.
Remember when I said I don't like fireworks? Let me 'splain.
I don't like fireworks that you light on the street...with a little fizzle fountain...a high-pitched squeal...and done.
I also don't like really big fireworks from a distance. ....when they're far away, they don't look that cool to me.
But I do like big fireworks when they're close!
So, I had fun at the block party :)
We even danced a little after!
The next day, we hit up the Bizarre :)
We spent basically all of our money. on what?
I will tell you!
It's us!!!
and we got these made!
Now this is where it gets fun.
There's a parade where I live. 
A big parade.
A BIG DEAL parade.
People camp out all night to see these things.
People were camped out on our lawn.
Well. We decided to be nice and just camp out with them, rather then make them move.
So at about 2 am, we secured a spot.
We watched some Netflix and just started to fall asleep when a police officer said we had to move until 5 am.
We told him it was our house...but that didn't fly.
I guess we were on the wrong side of the sidewalk. 
So as we moved to the other side, the sprinklers turned on.
Wet, tired, and sad, we returned to the inside.
At 5, we headed back out. Every single spot was taken.
We grabbed a little spot and settled in.
We started to fall asleep when music started blaring!
There was a freaking huge marathon down the entire street. The row of people lasted for almost an hour...
and so did the music.
We were disgusting. We were tired. We were laughing.

Eventually Ryan and Bri joined our little spot and we watched the parade.
It was boring...
And we left.
haha we hung out and had fun for the rest of the day :)
Scary movies, dancing, stuff and things.
It turned out to be pretty fun!
We made some memories that's for sure :D
Being positive makes for a fun day!

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