My Fair Wedding Part 7

So, I've got some news!
Now that I've told most of my family and a few of my friends, and posted it on facebook, I guess I can blog about it...my wedding was supposed to be this month.
But...it's not :/
Because we had to change our date :(
I'm struggling to find a job still...and family stuff...and just...well delaying the wedding another month was something we decided we had to do.
It's the right thing to do.
I feel really good about it.
But at the same time, I can't help but think...
I was going to get married in less than a month!
I was going to get married the first full day of the Olympics.
etc. etc.
But I am happy.
August is a lucky month to get married!
That's what my interviewer said anyway.
haha and I believe her.
I can wait a month for eternity!
I love Taylor Rios.
And I'm still gonna be Mrs. Nikole Rios...
Just a lil' bit later is all :)


  1. Oh darling... I love you :) don't worry. We'll still celebrate on the 28th! And we're still gonna be happily married when the world ends ;)

  2. Those pictures are so cute. Loving! Also--it's OKAY! ONe month isn't that long..you can do it! And being ready and is definitely worth the wait.

    we & serendipity