quit your cursing

I used to cuss.
I used to cuss up a cluster cuss of a cussing cuss storm.
But then, I started going to a church that doesn't like the whole...cuss thing.
AND I fell in love with someone who really really doesn't like the whole cuss thing.
So, I stopped the whole cuss thing.
Unfortunately, I can't get the inappropriateness out of my system. 
Well, I can.
But like, the other day, Taylor and I wanted to invent a game involving some real old tennis rackets.
I created a name for the game that innocently combined:
Tennis, Taylor, and Nikole.
one day, maybe I'll mature a little bit.
Until then, I'd like you all to know, that even with my immaturity,
I fell in super big time love with the sweetest guy ever.
He laughs at all my dumb jokes, and all the stupid things I say
(I hardly ever think before I speak..)
Last night, I fell asleep on the floor.
This morning, Taylor came over to grab something before work.
He lifted me off the floor and carried me to my bed :)
He tucked me in all cozy.
I love him.
I love the cussing cuss out of him!
I cussing love him so cussing much!