this is getting ridiculous

10 interviews.
I'm seriously not bad at interviewing! Really!
But everyone is doing "internal hires"
meaning...I gotta know someone.
I just want to help out. I hate that it's all on Taylor's shoulders right now.
I'm trying!
I am!
Trying hard enough to get 10 interviews!
One day...I'll figure it out.
In the meantime, 
Dear interviewers,
you made a BIG mistake.
These are the cupcakes my sister made for my carnival bridal shower. :)
The popcorn cupcakes:
vanilla cupcakes topped with vanilla frosting and marshmallows 
The cotton candy cupcake:
vanilla cupcakes topped with pink frosting and a dollop of cotton candy
The pink lemonade cupcake:
pink lemonade cupcakes topped with pink lemonade frosting, a piece of a straw, and a piece of a lemon candy


  1. those cupcakes are super awesome & look delicious! she did an awesome job! and good luck with the job hunt :( it's killer to find a job up here!

  2. Keep keep your head up, girl! I was out of work the whole month of May and part of June before I got my new job. And I know how you feel about those interviews, i went on a gazillion before I got a break! It can be discouraging, but it'll all eventually work out just at the right time (maybe not always on our time schedule :) )!

  3. those cupcakes are AWESOME... seriously... and i'm in the same boat with you as far as job goes... keep on keeping on sugar.. prayers for you... CHIN UP, precious.