his&her q&a

my friends :)  we and serendipity and love the grows have started hosting a supa' cool link up: his & her q&a. 
 the idea is that they list ten questions every week & you and your significant other get to answer them. (I copied at pasted that sentence from mr. d &me....stop judging.)
Taylor and I aren't married YET, but I figure we're close enough...
Forgive our inappropriate selves.

What will your firstborn daughters name be?
His: Easy. I’ve had this name pegged for my firstborn (who will be a girl) for like years.
Quinn (my middle name) then (insert wife’s first name) Rios.
So it will be Quinn Nikole Rios 
Hers: Bam. That was an easy question. It’s my soon-to-be-name backwards! And our first child WILL be a girl.

What is your biggest shopping pet peeve? 
His: Hahaha my biggest shopping pet peeve is when I wanna go shopping, and my bank account won’t let me.
Hers: Which is every day. My biggest pet peeve is when stuff I want doesn’t fit.

If you could have any single superpower what would it be and why?
His: I have many superpowers already, one being the ability to be incredibly sappy and just overload my baby girl with sugar.
Hers: He’s so cute. Mine…would also…be that…plus flying! That way I could carry my sweetheart all the way to the perfect honeymoon ….every single night.

If you got a life-supply subscription to any magazine what magazine would you choose? 
His: Probably 2 magazines: Comso to find my best position and Sports Illustrated, not ESPN, cuz ESPN is a lil too kiddish and Sports Illustrated is just straight up awesome.
Hers: Ooh! All of them. Every magazine. Especially cosmo. Same reason as Tay….kinky.

What was your favorite subject in elementary school (recess and lunch don't count)?
His: My favorite subject was choir cuz my “girlfriend” was in it and I sat right next to her. Don’t be sad or mad, baby. I don’t even remember her name. Melissa something…maybe. But probably not. Anywho, yeah. I was a baller.
Hers: What?! Nerd. My favorite was Drama and English, because I freaking rocked at both.

You just scored $5. What do you spend it on?
His: Easy! Dollar theater! We sneak in our sodas and bring our refillable popcorn bucket that they forgot to take the tab off of 
Hers: If we both had 5..we’d share it..so ten! SO we’d get junior mints and crunch clusters too.

What were your thoughts when you first met your other half?
His: Define met… When I saw a picture, I was like, “She’s got great legs. Aww yeah!” But in person, I was seriously thinking, “Dang she is beautiful. I’m gonna make this girl my wife.”
Hers: Awww J I thought: He is so sexily brown. I will have him. I was quite shy too…I just really wanted to impress this guy. He’s an angel and I knew it at first sight.

If you could punch a company/business in the face who would you want to punch?
His: Haha!!! Alterra for screwing me over!! You hear that, Kyle and Vess??? TOOOLS!!!!!
Hers: Haha!!! VESS! YOU ARE A TOOLBAG STINKY FACE. (but we forgive you, because we’re better than that..and you) I would also punch Alterra again.

Favorite classic Disney princess?
His: OHHHHH!!! The foxy fox off of Robin Hood! Lady Marian!!! Mmm yeah she foxy.
Hers:  :(

If you could reincarnate into any animal after you die what animal would you want to be?
His: A giraffe, so I can still be with my baby girl. Either that, or a puppy dog and be everyone’s best friend!
Hers: I would be a giraffe too! Obviously my sweetheart knew that beforehand  We would be in giraffe puppy love.


  1. bahaha i love this! maid marion... oh jeez. a fox?? really?? that's funny. thanks for linkin up girl!!!

  2. This is too cute. I wonder if I could get my boyfriend to fill it out.