Send Something Good

Well as some of you may know, I did a lil' something called the "Send Something Good Project"
It was super fun!
Basically, I got to get to know a gal from her blog and send her something ;)
and someone else did the same thing for me!
Unfortunately, I have yet to receive anything from my blogging buddy, but that's okay!
Because I got to meet the super sweet Kelsey!
I sent her some of my personal favorite shower gel, nail files, a wooden purple rose, a vintage frame, and some of her favorite cupcakes :)
And guess what!
That angel sent me a super sweet thank you card!
It made my day and made this project so worth it!


Back From the Dead

Karma's a brat.
In my last post, I told y'all about how I get to be a spoiled butthead and get a party and blah blah blah, me me me.
Well....Karma didn't like that.
Because right after I hit publish, there was some trouble at my work.
Big time confusing and emotional.
So, I was absolutely devastated, to miserable, to okay, to embarrassed, to miserable again,
and that's how the rest of my day went.
The next day was Taylor's birthday.
I was planning on doing so much for him, but I woke up at around 4:30 with a high fever and feeling sicker than sick.
That's how Taylor got to spend his birthday....
taking care of me :(
I couldn't even lift a glass, I was so sore!
I was going to surprise Taylor with a party and with these shoes that he really really wanted,
AND I was really sad about not doing it so I cried and blubbered to him about it, and now I couldn't surprise him if I wanted to!
It sucked.
 In the end, all we did for Taylor's birthday was get him some ice cream cake as I sat around and moaned and groaned.

 Now tell me, how do I deserve him?
Found this taped on the shelf above my bed when I woke up :)
A Special Note for a special girl...
I don't know if you know this...
But I stayed up all night trying to make sure that you could have an easier night tonight. I wanted to make sleeping your top priority.
Bet you didn't know that til now...
I love you more than life itself!
Love your baby boy

Well, I'm still a little sick, but much better!
Also! Welcome new followers!



Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!

Guess who's birthday it is tomorrow!
did you guess?
Well, then I simply have to tell you.
Birthday Boy!
And, let's be honest, I'm a diva.
I really am.
And as much as I pretended to be satisfied with my little birthday, I was only kind of satisfied.
I wanted a party :(
And as my diva shone through,
(despite the sweet gifts from family, future family, and friends)
Tay decided to make it up to me,
so we're having a joint birthday party to satisfy my spoiled brat desires!
:) Yay!
I can't wait to go shopping for presents and all that fun stuff!
I looooooooove birthdays.

Now for a more serious question.
I need to get extensions for my wedding, which means I need to know what color I want my hair.
What do you think?
Brown, lighterbrownishblonde, black, red?
I'm leaning towards dark brown...although it's not the absolute best picture. :)
I miss your comments! 


Pick-me Up

My blog is undergoing construction...be patient with me :)
Anyway, here's a few pick-me-ups if you're having a blegh day like me.
(Freaking love the clothes!)
(...not Vader's clothes)



I love love. 
I've said it before, and I'll say it again!
But I've realized, I don't often tell you all why I'm so in love with this half-Mexican, Montana boy.

I'm in love with him because 
he tells me I'm beautiful every single day,
(even when I really don't feel like I am)
he holds me when I cry,
and when he can't because he's thousands of miles away..he stays on the phone with me for an hour or more until I fall asleep with the phone pressed against my ear,
he carries me to my room in the dark when my blood sugar drops,
he helps me avoid buying everything from every sales person,
he thinks all my flaws are adorable
(even my gossipy habit..)
he stares at me in a I-love-your-freaking-guts way,
he lets me go through his clothes and get rid of ALMOST all the ugly things ;),
Cute little photo-bomber..
he's gooooood looking!,
he always helps clean up,
he carries everything for me,
he appreciates the little things I do for him,
he makes sure I drink enough water,
he lets me tease him,
he sends me texts like this:
Me: What do you want to do today?

Tay: Besides hold my baby girl's hand? And look into her ever precious eyes? Softly scratch her back? Talk about spending the rest of my life with her? Laugh at all the funny and cute things she says? Adore her fuh-reaking gorgeous smile? Place my hand on her beautiful face and tell her that she's the prettiest girl that has ever stepped foot on this earth? And just love her...? Mmm..we could go on a walk. Plan more wedding things. Things like that?

and this:
I love you sweetheart...so so much :) we're gonna be okay. We'll budget out money tonight. We'll work on our garden and pretty it up. And we'll continue to grow our love for each other. I promise you, Kolie baby :)
I arranged my first flower...arrangement!
he likes doing things with me even when I'm realllly bad at it,
he stands up for me,
he listens to me,
he always says he's sorry,
he's strong for me,
he laughs with me not at me...and at me..but I love it,
he's great with kids..er-maws,
he likes my voice,
he always drives,
he never focuses on the bad,
he's adorable and sappy and sweet,
he loves me.

And more, I'm sure!
When Taylor and I were first talking about marriage my sister asked me why I wanted to marry him.
I simply answered,
Because I love him.
She said that wasn't reason enough, and told me why she decided to marry her husband..
because she wanted to be poor with him, to grow with him, to struggle with him, to work with him, and a whole slew of other things....
and I thought,
because isn't that love?
So I'm marrying Taylor, because I love him.
And that's the reason.


Pizza Party

I hate pizza.
But Taylor really really REALLY wanted pizza,
and since I'm ridiculously sweet, generous, and perfect, I gave in.
We ordered a chicken pizza for pick-up
The pizza place closed at ten.
It was 9:55.
Taylor drove like a maniac and made many...friends.
We got there with NO time to spare!
Then it happened....
no wallets.
We were walletless.
I don't think I've heard anyone say "eff word" as many times as I heard Taylor say it that night. 
And I mean eff word. Literally. Not @%$# but "eff word"
So a zillion "eff words" later, we came back to the pizza joint, wallets in hand.
Taylor ran to the building entrance as I waited in the car across the street.
the building was locked... :(
well, Taylor was leaned up against the door in a way that reminded me of this:
and the part when Nacho squeezes his butt to impress the nun...
to be blunt, I am engaged to this guy
....so I look at his butt on occasion...
So, I rolled down the window and yelled
"Do the Nacho Libre Butt!"
he didn't hear me,
so I yelled it again and again, louder and louder
he did it 
"ahem....sir the pick-up door is this way..."
So, Taylor was caught red handed..er..butted doing the Nacho Libre butt.
He deserved his pizza.


They Charge

Some people may on occasion call me...gullible.
I'm not gullible though,
I just have a wild imagination and therefore believe a lot of things.
But I'm not gullible.
Taylor and I found a little pack...herd...gaggle..of deer near my house.
I really wanted to get some good pictures, so I asked Taylor to pull over.
As I was getting out of the car, Taylor said something ever so nonchalantly that scared the freaking socks off of me.
"Be careful, baby, they charge."
I stepped towards the little deer...
They found me out!
Bambi wanted to kill me.
I ran like h..eck back to the car, slamming the door behind me.
Taylor was laughing, because he had fooled me.
But to my defense, this wasn't my first run-in with the deer kind.
Back when I was a maw (aka youngin) I went camping with my family.
We didn't go to a campground,
we were the adventurous type.
The make your own campground family.
Which meant no...er..facilities
So, one day, while I was trying to relieve myself behind a nearby bush, a deer came bounding through the forest in front of me.
BOUNDING, I tell you!
I screamed bloody murder and ran back to camp with my pants around my ankles.
I don't think I'll ever be on good terms with the deer kind.


Guest Post on Bunnies And Pearls :)

Hey everyone!
I pride myself in my fingernails.
well, I pride myself in my fingernails when the nail polish isn't chipping and I don't smash them in things.
SO, make sure to check out my guest post for Bunnies and Pearls for some saweet nail tips!


Mother's Day Shave!

What is a better gift for a mother than a daughter with a clean-shaven fiancee?
A lot of things probably.
But still...
After pestering and begging, Taylor finally decided to shave AND let me help him.
I've never seen a guy shave!
I have a brother, but he's the gone almost always grizzly type.
Anyway, Taylor got a kick at my face lathering abilities, and I learned a few things.
1.Shaving is messy.
 2.Shaving your face looks gruff and painful
 3.Funny faces are a MUST
So happy mother's day mom!
Look what I got you!
A hot future son-in-law :)


Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home is where you hang your heart 
I wanted to start out with a little quote
I chose this one.
Simple, true, and sums up what I wanna tell you about.
I nixed a few other quotes..
because they were stupid.

how are you supposed to eat,
and where are you supposed to do your bidness?

We found our future home.
Taylor is gonna live in it all by his lonesome til we're married...
but we'll both start fixing it up every day together!

The Garden
Yup, we have a garden. 
It needs some work....
but I'm excited to work on it!

The Front Door and Entrance Hall
I love how wide the little entrance hallway is :)
And I love all the natural light!

The Living Room
One of my favorite rooms of the house.
I LOVE the red wall!! And the white cut-out thing...
and the windows...
and everything!

The Kitchen
The kitchen is simple, but I love it :)
The wooden floors are nice!

The Bedroom
This is our "problem room"
It's a little small :/
We're trying to figure out just how to fit a bed in here.
I know this picture doesn't really show the bedroom....
but it's the only one I took for some reason 

The Bathroom
The Blue flower tile is so cute! 
It's the most.."vintagey" room in the house

 Okay, so I know these pictures are a little low quality
and I guarantee they do not do this place justice!
I fell in love with this place the first time we walked in :)
and I RE-fell in love the second time!
I can't wait to start working on it and making it even better!

Which by the way....
I have a problem.
I get lots and lots of ideas in my head, but I don't know how to put them together.
My brain ends up exploding.
And it's messy.
Anyone have cute ideas for decor? Color suggestions for each room? Anything?! 
Love you!


The Race! An Office Tale

Today was the day.
The day I would finally win.
I would surpass everyone at work to win the gift card.
The $25 amazon gift card.
It was a keyword/competitive competition,
(which I will not bother to explain, but it was who could do the most in 2 hours.)
8:00 AM

I worked like a mad man!
I never took a break! 
Luckily, my power snacks were by my side as I furiously tried to win.
I had to win.
I deserved to win.
I have a terribly annoying cough today,
but I had no time for coughing!
Each urge to full blown empty my lungs was rewarded with a tiny "ahem"
I'm guessing it was a little distracting to my competition... :/
I got a lot of looks 
*type type type -ahem- type type type type -ahem-* etc.
But I HAD to win!
I'm good at keyword and competitive, but the last opportunity to win that gift card was spoiled when I was sick.
I'm sick a lot.
You see, I have an overactive immune system. Legit. My immune system attacks everything! 
The good, the bad, the ugly...the organs!
In fact, I got a nice little skin condition because of it :/
and the dumb thing attacked itself and messed up my pancreas in the process! 
Yup. Type 1 Diabetic :(
I've had pneumonia 4 times! And all sorts of other garbage!
I swear my immune system is so busy fighting the good stuff that the bad stuff gets through
ALL the time.
Immune suppressant are an option, but they can do more harm than good
I digress.
The time ticked away and I knew who my top competitors were!
I could feel them working furiously behind me.
10:00 AM
I felt defeated. I felt like I had lost my game. I felt sick.
I knew I had lost
The winners were announced.
3rd place fifty..something
Well I knew I had done better than that, maybe I got second!
2nd place sixty..something
I couldn't imagine I had done more than that, but I wasn't the name announced
1st place
I'm happy!
And then I got subway with my super sexy fiancee and cheap-o ice cream cones from Macey's
I'm in love with today
(I'm in love with Taylor more)

My Fair Wedding: Part 6

You know that feeling when amazing people help you
with something you couldn't dream of doing on your own,
and you are SO grateful to them that you seriously cannot even express it?
Well I do :)

Denise and Paul
These two amazing people (also pictured is their daughter) are letting me use their wonderful backyard for my reception! They're also planning and setting up everything for the reception so that my family has a little less stress to deal with. I am so grateful for what they are doing for me and all the work they are putting into my reception and helping me to have the best day of my life :)

Ryan and Bri
These two are really supporting us and helping us.They are the only family members of Taylor here in Utah, and it's so nice that they are able to be there for us along with my family!
Bri sends me ideas and prices and all sorts of important stuffs all the time to help me out, and Taylor has his brother to talk to as we prepare for the big life-changing event!

Emily, Jess, Nelsie, and Stephanie
Along with Bri, these are my bridesmaids
These girls have always been there for me!
Through thick and thin..
and a lot of thick...
I hope I can treat them as they should be treated.
They are wonderful.
I love them, and I want to make sure they know it!

There's a TON of other people helping us out too! Family, friends, everyone! 
And I'm so incredibly thankful!
I feel like crying with gratitude!

Anyway, thanks to this power team I have the  
outfits, venue, music, decorations, and food 
planned out or in the serious planning stages.
And thanks to all the people that have offered advice and encouragement on my blog
Love you!
Also, we're having pan dulce at our reception! Yummy!


Taylor Tuesday's again!...?

It's a funny thing. How life unfurls... We always make plans and we always expect things to go according to how we want it, and we always.... well, not always, but a lot of times, it just doesn't go that way. I was expecting a lot of things to happen. And just within these past months, I have noticed a lot of things to not happen how I've expected it to. Which is fine! Come what may, and love it! Right? Usually...

Anywho, what I've come to realize is that no matter what happens to us, we are always in the drivers seat. So we don't have control over the weather, or how people be, or how they drive!! Ugh, Utah drivers. Like I was saying, we gotta just keep doing our thing. Fighting the good fight. Keep on keepin' on. Just gotta keep on trucking. 

My point I'm getting to is this:

A lot may happen to us, but what can we do about it?

Come what may, and love it.

Me and my baby girl have run into a lot of hiccups down the road of life. Our life. But we've adapted to this philosophy, and we are incredibly happy. We LOVE everything, because we're totes in love :) haha we're cute. But really.... Just enjoy life. In a good way. Not in a way where you would compromise your real happiness. Cuz that's duuuuumb. Pic of us now!

Love her. Love that she's a blogger. Still not too crazy about this idea of me doing things on here on a weekly basis cuz I don't know how receptive people are. But she loves it. And she loves me. 

What else matters? Not much, if anything. At all.


I'm An Animal! (Guest Post from Fresh to Death)

I am pleased to have another guest post grace my blog :)
My first guest post from Breezy Days was just a few days ago, 
and now Fresh to Death is taking the stage!
Jake has been a long time friend of mine and has recently started his blog  
where he talks about and critiques
stars, singles, hits, MUSIC.
It's Fresh....to Death.

Jake Kelly's the name and music's my game.

When Nikole approached me with the idea of doing a guest post, I was pretty excited about it. I like her blog a lot and keep up with it pretty regularly. We've been good friends since high school and have amassed a lot of adventures over the years. :)

So when it came time to think of something that would fit both my blog and hers, I immediately thought Ke$ha would be the perfect subject matter. She's one of Nikole's favorite singers and I love how she's her partying self in such an unapologetic way. We even went to her concert a while back.


The trash princess of pop is coming out with a new album soon, tentatively titled "Spandex on the Distant Horizon" and is due most likely sometime this month. The album's eyebrow-raising title is a creative interpretation of how everyone has a warrior inside. This echoes the lyrics of "the animal inside" from her first album. Sounds like a pretty positive message to me. The album will be a departure from Ke$ha's typical electro-pop sound, incorporating more rock and roll, of the 70's vein in particular. Of the change, the dollar sign touting music star herself stated, "People say that rock and roll is dead, and it is my mission and my goal to resurrect it in the form of my pop music. That's the goal. We'll see what happens. That's a very ambitious and lofty goal, but that's my goal." I applaud the fact that Ke$ha is straddling pop and rock, much like Nicki Minaj is straddling pop and rap. Artists these days see no reason to limit themselves and I, for one, think that it's a great thing.

Ke$ha's fans (commonly referred to as animals) need not be too concerned, however, that she's straying too far from her pop roots. A further statement from pop's favorite party girl revealed that "It'll still stay fun and young and irreverent." Looks like the animals will still be able to dance the night away. There are even rumors that Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and Keith Richards, of The Rolling Stones (which just so happens to be Ke$ha's favorite band), might make guest appearances on the album. These would certainly bring new elements to the party.

Production will be handled chiefly by longtime collaborators Dr. Luke and Max Martin. These two have been known to produce many hits, so this bodes well for the album in terms of chart success. Other producers on board are Scottish DJ and hit-maker Calvin Harris, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, and Benny Blanco, who has found much success at the young age of 24. Ke$ha has reportedly been taking instrument lessons, namely the guitar. Because of this and the previously discussed fact that this album will lean more toward a rock sound, it's likely that this album will include more guitars and less auto tune in its production. The garbage chic mistress also plans to expand her collaborations with this record. She has stated herself, "The range of artists I want to work with is so vast it's bizarre. If someone is a real artist, you can't confine them to a particular genre. It's my mission to make it all make sense somehow." Good luck on that mission, K.

Lyrically, it has been hinted that the album will speak of Ke$ha's growth and experiences touring the world in the previous year on her "Get $leazy" tour. Possible tracks for the album that have been recorded include "Dirty Love," "You Control My Heart," and "Beach Boys." It'll be interesting to see how the final track listing turns out.

We R Who We R

I'm definitely curious to see how the album will turn out, new direction and all. I will post updates, such as any singles, music videos, etc. on my blog: Fresh to Death, where you can find out about all the latest and greatest in music. Hopefully, our girl Ke$h will not disappoint.

-J@ke & N!kole


I heart...

 I Heart...
 My best friend and better half,
 finding an apartment (this definitely isn't it.),
watching the Avengers  with future family,
good long conversations,
making successful outfits
pan dulce,
standing up for what's right,
supporting those that do the same,

having this be the story of my life, 

And lots of other stuff that I can't think of or don't have cool pictures for.
cool in my opinion.

Also, things I don't heart, just in case you are a-wonderin:
passive aggressiveness,
iPod stealers,
ugly mean people,

And that's that. :D
Love all of you and welcome new followers!!!! :D :D


Guest Post! Bri from Breezy Days

Hello Everyone :)
I asked my super awesome, sweet, and fabulous future sis-in-law to write a guest post for y'all
You should really check out her blog Breezy Days,
and get to know her!
Because she rocks!
Hi all of you Stubborn readers!
My name is Bri Rios, and I'm the girl behind the lifestyle blog, Breezy Days.
I'm short, blonde, sassy, curvy, and awesome. {Ok, maybe that's just my opinion}.
Want to know more about me? Come on over and say hi!
Nikole, my future sis-in-law sent some questions over my way to answer, I hope you enjoy 'em!

1. What inspired you to start blogging? And what are your hopes for your blog?
I actually started a blog for a group English assignment at BYU. I had all boys in my group, and they decided that I should be the one to start a blog cause I'm a girl, and blogging is apparently a "girl thing". After the assignment was over, I started to post sporadically and realized I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't really start getting "hardcore" about blogging until October/November 2011.
My hopes is that I have a big enough reader base to post opinions, thoughts, and outfits that inspire and positively influence my readers!

2. What are the top 5 things that make you happy?
Ryan {the husband}. Pan Dulce. Reading. New clothes. The warm sun.

3. If you could live anywhere for the rest of your life, where would you live and why?
Hmmm, this is tricky. Being a California girl at heart, I'm a little biased and would have to say California. It has the mountains, the beach, awesome weather, no nonsense people, decent drivers, rivers, lakes, and DISNEYLAND. Yup, I would definitely choose Cali.

4. What is the biggest fashion "do" and "don't" in your opinion?
I think that classic pieces of clothing are a "do" in fashion, they never go out of style! A "don't" in fashion would definitely be purchasing clothes that don't fit your body type. Embrace what body type you have, and do it justice by dressing for your shape! 

5. What is your dream job?
I would love love love to work at a magazine. I might be a little magazine obsessed, but I just love the articles, photo shoots, and fashion. Working at a mag would include all my favorite things: being social, being creative, and working with fun people!

6. If you had to describe yourself as a disney princess, who would it be and why?
I would say that some days I'm Sleeping Beauty when I sleep in till noon. Most days I would say that I'm Rapunzel, because I love singing, dancing, and adventure! Plus the long blonde hair helps me to pretend that I'm in Tangled :)

Thanks so much Nikole for letting me guest post!

<3 Bri