Back From the Dead

Karma's a brat.
In my last post, I told y'all about how I get to be a spoiled butthead and get a party and blah blah blah, me me me.
Well....Karma didn't like that.
Because right after I hit publish, there was some trouble at my work.
Big time confusing and emotional.
So, I was absolutely devastated, to miserable, to okay, to embarrassed, to miserable again,
and that's how the rest of my day went.
The next day was Taylor's birthday.
I was planning on doing so much for him, but I woke up at around 4:30 with a high fever and feeling sicker than sick.
That's how Taylor got to spend his birthday....
taking care of me :(
I couldn't even lift a glass, I was so sore!
I was going to surprise Taylor with a party and with these shoes that he really really wanted,
AND I was really sad about not doing it so I cried and blubbered to him about it, and now I couldn't surprise him if I wanted to!
It sucked.
 In the end, all we did for Taylor's birthday was get him some ice cream cake as I sat around and moaned and groaned.

 Now tell me, how do I deserve him?
Found this taped on the shelf above my bed when I woke up :)
A Special Note for a special girl...
I don't know if you know this...
But I stayed up all night trying to make sure that you could have an easier night tonight. I wanted to make sleeping your top priority.
Bet you didn't know that til now...
I love you more than life itself!
Love your baby boy

Well, I'm still a little sick, but much better!
Also! Welcome new followers!


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  1. I totally know how you feel! I was sick on my boyfriends bday and I felt so bad but so sick at the same time. You and Taylor are sooooo cute:) Congrats on the wedding! I would love to become blogging friends by the way :) Hit me up! :)