Goodbye April

Auf Wiedersehen!
Hallo :)
I'm practicing my German.
Mein Name ist Nikole und ich bin hungrig.
This is me...and my work's bathroom teeee...hee?

My friend, Abby, and her new husband...and lots of other friends too
 Anyway, a lot has happened this April..
I said goodbye to my fiancee,
missed him,
had a little ol' birthday without him,
rode horses,
found out he's coming home,
found out we're in a bind,
found out I have to have more faith,
remembered I'm totally in big time love,
and then
MAY. :)
New start? Kind of?
It's baby boy's birthday month!
I am so excited to see what happens this month!!!
Less than 3 months til I'm married :)

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