I'm An Animal! (Guest Post from Fresh to Death)

I am pleased to have another guest post grace my blog :)
My first guest post from Breezy Days was just a few days ago, 
and now Fresh to Death is taking the stage!
Jake has been a long time friend of mine and has recently started his blog  
where he talks about and critiques
stars, singles, hits, MUSIC.
It's Fresh....to Death.

Jake Kelly's the name and music's my game.

When Nikole approached me with the idea of doing a guest post, I was pretty excited about it. I like her blog a lot and keep up with it pretty regularly. We've been good friends since high school and have amassed a lot of adventures over the years. :)

So when it came time to think of something that would fit both my blog and hers, I immediately thought Ke$ha would be the perfect subject matter. She's one of Nikole's favorite singers and I love how she's her partying self in such an unapologetic way. We even went to her concert a while back.


The trash princess of pop is coming out with a new album soon, tentatively titled "Spandex on the Distant Horizon" and is due most likely sometime this month. The album's eyebrow-raising title is a creative interpretation of how everyone has a warrior inside. This echoes the lyrics of "the animal inside" from her first album. Sounds like a pretty positive message to me. The album will be a departure from Ke$ha's typical electro-pop sound, incorporating more rock and roll, of the 70's vein in particular. Of the change, the dollar sign touting music star herself stated, "People say that rock and roll is dead, and it is my mission and my goal to resurrect it in the form of my pop music. That's the goal. We'll see what happens. That's a very ambitious and lofty goal, but that's my goal." I applaud the fact that Ke$ha is straddling pop and rock, much like Nicki Minaj is straddling pop and rap. Artists these days see no reason to limit themselves and I, for one, think that it's a great thing.

Ke$ha's fans (commonly referred to as animals) need not be too concerned, however, that she's straying too far from her pop roots. A further statement from pop's favorite party girl revealed that "It'll still stay fun and young and irreverent." Looks like the animals will still be able to dance the night away. There are even rumors that Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and Keith Richards, of The Rolling Stones (which just so happens to be Ke$ha's favorite band), might make guest appearances on the album. These would certainly bring new elements to the party.

Production will be handled chiefly by longtime collaborators Dr. Luke and Max Martin. These two have been known to produce many hits, so this bodes well for the album in terms of chart success. Other producers on board are Scottish DJ and hit-maker Calvin Harris, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, and Benny Blanco, who has found much success at the young age of 24. Ke$ha has reportedly been taking instrument lessons, namely the guitar. Because of this and the previously discussed fact that this album will lean more toward a rock sound, it's likely that this album will include more guitars and less auto tune in its production. The garbage chic mistress also plans to expand her collaborations with this record. She has stated herself, "The range of artists I want to work with is so vast it's bizarre. If someone is a real artist, you can't confine them to a particular genre. It's my mission to make it all make sense somehow." Good luck on that mission, K.

Lyrically, it has been hinted that the album will speak of Ke$ha's growth and experiences touring the world in the previous year on her "Get $leazy" tour. Possible tracks for the album that have been recorded include "Dirty Love," "You Control My Heart," and "Beach Boys." It'll be interesting to see how the final track listing turns out.

We R Who We R

I'm definitely curious to see how the album will turn out, new direction and all. I will post updates, such as any singles, music videos, etc. on my blog: Fresh to Death, where you can find out about all the latest and greatest in music. Hopefully, our girl Ke$h will not disappoint.

-J@ke & N!kole


  1. Not gonna lie, I think I looked pretty sick for that concert. Even though I totally painted the dollar sign on my face backwards...

  2. As I was driving today, the glitter that is now permanently embedded into my steering wheel reminded me of you. <3