The Race! An Office Tale

Today was the day.
The day I would finally win.
I would surpass everyone at work to win the gift card.
The $25 amazon gift card.
It was a keyword/competitive competition,
(which I will not bother to explain, but it was who could do the most in 2 hours.)
8:00 AM

I worked like a mad man!
I never took a break! 
Luckily, my power snacks were by my side as I furiously tried to win.
I had to win.
I deserved to win.
I have a terribly annoying cough today,
but I had no time for coughing!
Each urge to full blown empty my lungs was rewarded with a tiny "ahem"
I'm guessing it was a little distracting to my competition... :/
I got a lot of looks 
*type type type -ahem- type type type type -ahem-* etc.
But I HAD to win!
I'm good at keyword and competitive, but the last opportunity to win that gift card was spoiled when I was sick.
I'm sick a lot.
You see, I have an overactive immune system. Legit. My immune system attacks everything! 
The good, the bad, the ugly...the organs!
In fact, I got a nice little skin condition because of it :/
and the dumb thing attacked itself and messed up my pancreas in the process! 
Yup. Type 1 Diabetic :(
I've had pneumonia 4 times! And all sorts of other garbage!
I swear my immune system is so busy fighting the good stuff that the bad stuff gets through
ALL the time.
Immune suppressant are an option, but they can do more harm than good
I digress.
The time ticked away and I knew who my top competitors were!
I could feel them working furiously behind me.
10:00 AM
I felt defeated. I felt like I had lost my game. I felt sick.
I knew I had lost
The winners were announced.
3rd place fifty..something
Well I knew I had done better than that, maybe I got second!
2nd place sixty..something
I couldn't imagine I had done more than that, but I wasn't the name announced
1st place
I'm happy!
And then I got subway with my super sexy fiancee and cheap-o ice cream cones from Macey's
I'm in love with today
(I'm in love with Taylor more)

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  1. Yay for you! It's always fun to get your hard work rewarded :)