Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!

Guess who's birthday it is tomorrow!
did you guess?
Well, then I simply have to tell you.
Birthday Boy!
And, let's be honest, I'm a diva.
I really am.
And as much as I pretended to be satisfied with my little birthday, I was only kind of satisfied.
I wanted a party :(
And as my diva shone through,
(despite the sweet gifts from family, future family, and friends)
Tay decided to make it up to me,
so we're having a joint birthday party to satisfy my spoiled brat desires!
:) Yay!
I can't wait to go shopping for presents and all that fun stuff!
I looooooooove birthdays.

Now for a more serious question.
I need to get extensions for my wedding, which means I need to know what color I want my hair.
What do you think?
Brown, lighterbrownishblonde, black, red?
I'm leaning towards dark brown...although it's not the absolute best picture. :)
I miss your comments! 


  1. I would say #1 too :) Just found your blog! I'm your newest follower :)

    followme@ www.studentswife.com

  2. I'm gonna go with the majority and vote for #1. :)

  3. i don't know you, but i follow your blog! :) i like the one of you with the juice -- it's SO pretty & full! and not TOO dramatic -- natural & pretty... and FULL! volume, volume, volume, SISTA!