I love love. 
I've said it before, and I'll say it again!
But I've realized, I don't often tell you all why I'm so in love with this half-Mexican, Montana boy.

I'm in love with him because 
he tells me I'm beautiful every single day,
(even when I really don't feel like I am)
he holds me when I cry,
and when he can't because he's thousands of miles away..he stays on the phone with me for an hour or more until I fall asleep with the phone pressed against my ear,
he carries me to my room in the dark when my blood sugar drops,
he helps me avoid buying everything from every sales person,
he thinks all my flaws are adorable
(even my gossipy habit..)
he stares at me in a I-love-your-freaking-guts way,
he lets me go through his clothes and get rid of ALMOST all the ugly things ;),
Cute little photo-bomber..
he's gooooood looking!,
he always helps clean up,
he carries everything for me,
he appreciates the little things I do for him,
he makes sure I drink enough water,
he lets me tease him,
he sends me texts like this:
Me: What do you want to do today?

Tay: Besides hold my baby girl's hand? And look into her ever precious eyes? Softly scratch her back? Talk about spending the rest of my life with her? Laugh at all the funny and cute things she says? Adore her fuh-reaking gorgeous smile? Place my hand on her beautiful face and tell her that she's the prettiest girl that has ever stepped foot on this earth? And just love her...? Mmm..we could go on a walk. Plan more wedding things. Things like that?

and this:
I love you sweetheart...so so much :) we're gonna be okay. We'll budget out money tonight. We'll work on our garden and pretty it up. And we'll continue to grow our love for each other. I promise you, Kolie baby :)
I arranged my first flower...arrangement!
he likes doing things with me even when I'm realllly bad at it,
he stands up for me,
he listens to me,
he always says he's sorry,
he's strong for me,
he laughs with me not at me...and at me..but I love it,
he's great with kids..er-maws,
he likes my voice,
he always drives,
he never focuses on the bad,
he's adorable and sappy and sweet,
he loves me.

And more, I'm sure!
When Taylor and I were first talking about marriage my sister asked me why I wanted to marry him.
I simply answered,
Because I love him.
She said that wasn't reason enough, and told me why she decided to marry her husband..
because she wanted to be poor with him, to grow with him, to struggle with him, to work with him, and a whole slew of other things....
and I thought,
because isn't that love?
So I'm marrying Taylor, because I love him.
And that's the reason.


  1. Oh sweetheart... You are truly amazing. I am so in love with you, and I fall more and more in love with you each and every day. Even when you act adorable :) or especially when you act adorable. You're perfect, baby. I looooove you, Kolie :) muah muah!