Taylor's Tuesdays pt...1 of.... prolly not that many? haha

Hello blogging world! Or hello to my baby girl's followers and/or stalkers.

I am Taylor Rios. You may have heard of me from many/all of her posts mentioning her fiancee, baby boy, angel, cutie, hot stuff, and many other names that have been given to me. Anywho she started this thing called Taylor Tuesdays, and I guess I have to write a post every tuesday... Fun. Why don't I just do my own blog? Oh. Of course. The incessant teasing from my lovely brothers and friends. So here we go...

Taylor Tuesdays actually has a funny story behind it. A long, long time ago, back when me and Nikole weren't even a thing (even though we were a thing as soon as we were being described to each other from a mutual friend), we talked about us having a day of fun. And somehow it came up to be a thing where every Tuesday, we would have a party dedicated to Yours Truly. And on top of that, we would go to Tucanos cuz I've never been. So we had Taylor Tucanos Tuesdays. Cute. Haha.

What am I supposed to do now...? I hate to have this "trial" post be the segue into a regular thing for her blog, because, honestly, she puts a lot of hard work into her blog. I see it every day. Not just a random rant on lilfe, but she puts her heart and soul into this. Cuz it's something she loves. Dearly. And it just goes to show what kind of person she is. Anything she loves, she puts her heart and soul into it... No regrets. No worries. Not a single thing gonna stop this girl from pursuing her dreams. Throw whatever you want at her. If she sees an obstacle between her and her dreams, it ain't ever gonna be anything to detract her from achieving the end goal.

Yes, I suppose you are wondering why I'm talking about this. This girl, I tell you what... She is amazing. She is everything that I've dreamed about and then some. She doesn't understand what that means. The reason why I say it is because I had a pretty good idea of what kind of girl I wanted in my life. But when I met my baby girl, she exceeded any and all of my expectations by a mile... She literally knocked me heels over head. Haha cuz one time she kneed me in the chin. and I swung back and clutched my face and made a huge ordeal outta it. Ha yeah... She loves me!!! And she would do anything for me/ to be with me/ to make me happy/ to just... just... love me. It's amazing to have a loved one in your life, and realize and recognize how much they truly do love you... Never discredit what family can do for you. It's worked wonders in mine. I know it's worked wonders in yours, regardless of present or past circumstances.

Well I think this is enough. For this week. I don't wanna bore y'all, cuz you probably got bored of this a long long time ago. Back when I started. Haha okay. Thanks for allowing me to step into her shoes for a bit and tell you about something. I'm done now. Oh btw here's a pic that I have on my phone all the time. I check it at least 30 times a day. Remind me of how lucky I really am :)

She is adorable :) I love her! Okay i"m done now. Peace!...is the real muscle ;) haha k bye!

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