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The photo contest is closed! And the winners will be announced tomorrow!!! :)
Thanks to everyone that voted!
Also, Taylor Tuesdays are every Tuesday and Taylor wanted  to do it!
He's just funny :)
And cute
And I love him.
A lot. 
And that was a pretty dang cute post, if I say so myself!

my grandmother's house (where I happen to reside) is a mess of a mess!
You see, she's getting insulation installed
and she bit off way more than she can chew.
There are holes bigger than my fist in her walls about every 8 inches 
And there's little fuzzy balls all over her yard, and house!
last night, I moved my blanket and a cornucopia of  gunky, white, fluff chunks flew everywhere.
It was awesome.
That was sarcasm.

Also, because my baby boy begged and pleaded ;)
We saw the Lucky One last night
Zac Efron is a bad actor...
and she was way too old for him...
but we still liked it a lot! We tend to love those types of movies always :)

I hope you are all having a great week so far!
Summer is quickly approaching! :D
Any neat summer plans?

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