My Fair Wedding: Part 6

You know that feeling when amazing people help you
with something you couldn't dream of doing on your own,
and you are SO grateful to them that you seriously cannot even express it?
Well I do :)

Denise and Paul
These two amazing people (also pictured is their daughter) are letting me use their wonderful backyard for my reception! They're also planning and setting up everything for the reception so that my family has a little less stress to deal with. I am so grateful for what they are doing for me and all the work they are putting into my reception and helping me to have the best day of my life :)

Ryan and Bri
These two are really supporting us and helping us.They are the only family members of Taylor here in Utah, and it's so nice that they are able to be there for us along with my family!
Bri sends me ideas and prices and all sorts of important stuffs all the time to help me out, and Taylor has his brother to talk to as we prepare for the big life-changing event!

Emily, Jess, Nelsie, and Stephanie
Along with Bri, these are my bridesmaids
These girls have always been there for me!
Through thick and thin..
and a lot of thick...
I hope I can treat them as they should be treated.
They are wonderful.
I love them, and I want to make sure they know it!

There's a TON of other people helping us out too! Family, friends, everyone! 
And I'm so incredibly thankful!
I feel like crying with gratitude!

Anyway, thanks to this power team I have the  
outfits, venue, music, decorations, and food 
planned out or in the serious planning stages.
And thanks to all the people that have offered advice and encouragement on my blog
Love you!
Also, we're having pan dulce at our reception! Yummy!

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  1. You are too sweet! And I'm looooooving the pan dulce!!! :D