My Fair Wedding: Part 5

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I miss my baby boy. It's hard planning our wedding without him. 
I still wanna make sure he's okay with choices I make, but he's so far away,
and so busy all day long.
I get to talk to him at night, but it's already so late there,
and he needs his sleep.
It's just hard.
And I love him.

And some people are bombarding me with their ideas
after ideas
after ideas.

I LOVE help!! I love love love love it!
But I like this kind of help
"This is Nikole's wedding, and maybe she would like this!" 
and not this kind
"This is Nikole's wedding, but it's about me too, because it should also be my dream wedding" 
Does that make sense?
Is that too harsh?

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate all help! 
Just the latter kind of "help" stresses me out

I think I'll have the groomsmen dress a little vintagey and carnivaly, and not so formal!
It'll be way more comfortable for the guys.
July in Utah...in a suit....HOT, 
not the mmm you're hot either, 
but the..you're sweaty hot kind...


  1. great pictures! I love the vintagey carnival theme. sometimes i wish i could plan my wedding all over but then i remind myself that all that matters is that at the end of the day we both got married and that's the most important thing :) Don't stress too much over the planning! It will be great no matter what.

  2. Hooorayyyyy!!!!! I love the bottom pic of the guys in the gray slacks and suspenders. Ryan says he really likes the idea cause it's cheaper plus it'll look nice with the whole theme of the wedding :) If you need any help, just holler! Love you!

  3. I like that look for the groomsmen. Kinda...newsies-ish. :)