April Photo Contest Entries!

Here are the entries for my Spring Party April Photo Contest!
Remember the voting closes at midnight the 3rd! So, the NIGHT of the 2nd!
Make sure you vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post!
Take time to read about the photographer's inspiration :)

 1. Jess (Find her flickr page here!)
I caught this adorable little model by the pond
the other day. There were blossoms all around so I composed a
wonderful, adorable spring photo shoot. I mean what is more spring-y
than pink flowers and baby animals?

2. Amanda (Find her blog here!)
Springtime is my favorite time to take pictures. When the world is in full bloom and filled with color, it is at its most beautiful state. I love showcasing God's creations. I feel like spring is His time for creating works of art. These little flowers often go unnoticed on such a big tree, so I decided to feature them and their beauty in this photo.

3. James!

4.) Jake (check out his fresh to death blog here!)
A spring tea party in Wonderland. Because we're all a bit mad in the spring time, aren't we? ;)

 5.Caitlin :)

6.) Susie (find her blog here!
 Spring Party means ice tea..lemon... twinkle lights...bare toes and fresh flowers. 

7.) Emily (Find her blog here!)
When this tree blooms, it smells like spring. The sent of spring filling the air is something I can hardly wait for!

8.) Taylor <3 

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