Send Something Good

Send Something Good is a project hosted by the amazing Gentri, Kaitlyn, and Kristy
Where bloggers sign up,
get assigned a new bloggy friend,
and send gifts to each other!!
What's better than that??
So, we're doing a link up!
Yay! Link up!
For the record, he's looking at my shoes, NOT my butt....
So, I'm gonna  tell y'all a bit about me!

Absolute Favorites:
Color: Purple
Food: Kettle-corn HANDS DOWN.
Animal: Giraffe!!!
Clothes: Heels...and anything with heels. :)
Month: April! It's so pretty and springy..and birthday-ey. I like May and June and July and August...too..WARM.
Jewelry: Rings :) Crazy big rings.
Guilty Pleasures: Degrassi, Teen Mom, and Greasy Food..

Things I Love
My baby boy and fiancee, and the fact that I'm getting married in a little over 3 months!
Calling my fiancee baby boy, even though a lot of people tease me for it.
Blogging, of course...haha
Crafts and cooking
Playing my guitar or piano and singing along!

Things I hate..
My short hair! sigh..
Calling people I don't know
Dry skin

Things I Want
People to enter my photo contest ;)
New make-up (why is make-up expensive...??)
A smartphone..one day...:)
To be a little tanner 
To be with my baby in DC

To be happy with everything always! :D


  1. HA - i love those shoes lady! ummm, but in the garden? did you not sink down?? haha..

    glad to have you participating in Send Something Good! Talk to you soon!

  2. Ug, yes. Makeup is SO expensive!! :P I love that picture! haha! So cute. :)

  3. extensions are the BEST thing... I wear them every single day :) clip ins sister.

    xo-Deidre deejmbl.blogspot.com