20 Years

My birthday turned out to be pretty fun!
They even celebrated it at work today!!
It was way fun..and stuff :D
Don't forget about the April Photography Contest!

Being 20 has caused me to reflect a lot on my past self,
and boy, 
have I changed.

From being a pretty innocent, selfish kid,
to a rather chunky middle schooler,
to struggling high schooler,
to a college student,
to working full-time,
to being in love...and a college student...and working full-time. 

To being happy. 

It took me a while to like myself, like a lot of girls, I imagine
especially my body...
Please read my guest post on Fighting Anorexia.
and join the fight.

If you have ever struggled to like yourself or your body, I'd love to help you.
I've been there.
Contact me at timelesslove50@gmail.com


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