Beautiful Birthday Month

Yep! It's my birthday month!
I love my birthday....
I assume most people do love their birthdays.

Anywho, I think this month is one the the prettiest months...ever.

The other day, my lovely fiance and I had a glorious, outside picnic...
it freaking rocked!

April April April!!!

Picnic  :) In my handmade basket!

This is how Taylor drinks soda


We even played soccer! I'm really good......I'm actually not good at all.

This is how I eat sandwiches...I guess
 Anyway, it was super duper uber fun! I love being outside in the nice weather. AND we're totally having our reception at this park :)

What have you done outside this year? ...when it isn't freezing? Any fun ideas to share??


  1. I'm loving the new blog layout and the bigger pics!! Way to be!! :)

    1. Thanks to you! haha people are actually accepting my swaps now :)