The "L" Word

"Taylor, do you like me?"
" I love-...how much I like you"
That's not really the first time Taylor told me he loved me,
because he didn't really say "I love you"
But little does he know,
I count it.
I just feel like it counts.
Obviously, he felt it then. :)
My new art project...it's getting there..
 I LOVE love.
I do!
It's the best thing in the whole wide world!
Romantic love, family love, pet love, love!
It's the best.
And my love?
Well...he got screwed over
 I spent almost every dime I have on his ticket home
and we may now be in a bit of a financial bind
with a wedding coming up
that we're paying for on our own..
but guess what!
I don't care!
So, he went to DC
and trained for 2 weeks
and even started selling for the company
and was working harder than anything to be amazing
to sell and sell and sell
to provide for his baby girl :)
and now he's coming home..
But this was NOT a pointless trip.
I promise.
Sometimes, God puts you through a point B when you want to get to point C
(yes, I'm very religious :) )
Sometimes you pray and pray and get an answer that tells you to go through with something
and then
it's a terrible experience, or seems pointless, or just bad.
But if God gave you the okay,
then there's a reason.
I'm just happy!
He's coming home!!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

PS: Last day for photo entries :)

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  1. good for you that you're staying positive and can see a reason behind everything :)