Birthday Sunday

My birthday (AND my mom's) is tomorrow, which btw...
Make sure to check back in tomorrow!
I'm announcing a contest!!! 
Created purely and solely by my baby boy!
It's gonna be SWEET!

Ahem, anyway,
Today we had a family celebration for our birthdays.
My B-day Sunday outfit ;)
 We didn't do much.
Just a little meet and greet really.
Iiiii got a balloon!
My mom,aunt and uncle, little cousins, and siblings (Holly and James) came to my Gram's to eat and laugh!
I made my mom magnets for her birthday! (my 4-year-old cousin helped)
 I got to visit my dad. step-mom, and other grandma too!
My dad fixed my brakes last month as my birthday present :) 
It was quite wonderful and a HUGE money-saver!!
Love them!
The people not the brakes..
well the brakes too ;)
My daddy looks quite dashing modeling my "Gucci" bag

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