Work It!

I used to work out ALL the time,
but lately...
I haven't.
at all.
So, I went on a run! Well I tried to, but I can't run! I can't!
I had to walk and sometimes speed walk..or lightly lightly jog?
But mostly, I just walked.
It wasn't the best self-esteem booster. but I guess I just gotta work harder
And now, I really want ice cream or some other kind of not post-work-out food.
fries..with campfire sauce...
a burger...
I'll get the health thing eventually.
In the mean time, I won't bring myself down for the lack of said health thing.
That's the idea anyway.

 My after stretching...
It's kind of like stretching...

Hot shoes from my baby boy!
And an owie
(the owie is NOT from my baby boy! haha dangling modifiers...is that what they're called?)

Oh and a British guy accidentally ran into me today and said
"Pardon me, dear girl"
Definitely made my day!

1 comment:

  1. and you didn't get his number for me???? girl what were thinking? haha. good for you. i should go running.