Right Here

Today's weather mimicked my mood..
Don't you love it when that happens?
It was rainy most the day...
Kind of dismal.
But so was I, as I awaited for my baby boy to leave me until the week of our wedding.
In three months.
...and 6 days.
 We spent a lovely day together just doing what we always do,
and loving every minute of it.
As the day went on, the rain cleared up,
and the sun shone!
And I felt better.
Because I love him!
And he's gonna do great!
He's gonna sell sell sell!
He's gonna beat everything he needs to!
It'll be great.
..but I'm still gonna miss him.

I held back tears as he climbed aboard his shuttle,
it was taking off as soon as I got to the car.
Fittingly, the radio was playing a Richard Marx song..
Right Here

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you

 So, I got to listen to this as he drove away..
it did not help my tears!

I got home and ate MY personal comfort food.
Not chocolate.

I watched our show (Degrassi, don't judge)
and took a relaxing bubble bath.

He's not even going to be gone that long!
But I can still miss him!

We'll be great though!
And I'm not too worried.
He's perfect.

If you happen to think I'm a lil' dramatic,
that makes sense :)

And if you happened to be engaged to me,
Baby I love you,
you're gonna do wonderful in DC!

And if you happen to be sick of all this reading,
I'm done now :)


  1. your life is so a chick flick, and that song made me cry. do you need a hug? i might need one.

  2. Wait, so you guys aren't going to see each other for another three months? Which is also the week of your wedding?
    WOW! Yep, you deserved that comfort food and bubble bath!
    I've spent 3 months away from my boyfriend before. We were on opposite sides of the world too, which made it super hard. But it was so worth it seeing him afterwards. I think it made our relationship stronger too :)

    Lou xx

  3. Good luck to Taylor in DC! Ya'll'll get through this! ;)

  4. I love the fact that you had a theme song.
    That's totally something I would do. <3