Diana Ross and the Supremes

I'm Diana Ross. I'm basically a mirror image if we don't count hair and eye color, nose size, weight, height, and facial structure Oh, and skin color. Although, I try not to see skin color, because I am not a racist. (That's right. I italicized "not." For emphasis, not sarcasm! Sheesh.)
This is a poorly taken and outdated picture of my Supremes:
You can tell it's outdated because there's falling leaves and I'm blonde. I'm hidden. But I'm blonde. 

The first and only clash of the Trebles took place last night in the Performance Hall here at Utah State. It was us versus a choir of flutes. A flute choir. I didn't know that a choir could be anything other than singers, and quite frankly, I'm still not sure. But that's what they call themselves, so it must be okay. There were no winners, only survivors. And because it was an event with only well to mildly well-behaved women involved, everyone survived.
(Ashley, Me) One of my favorite Supremes.

The point I'm trying to make is that I sang my very first solo that I'm really proud of! In honor of The Beatles 50th Anniversary (I think), we sang "All My Lovin.'" I sang the second verse by myself, with a MICROPHONE, to a roaring crowd of 30? people. I rocked it.

You may be saying, "But Nikole, you have soloed before and in front of larger crowds for longer periods of time." Yes, imaginary reader, you are right. But I sang a Beatles song in my real Nikole voice, completely by myself, backed up by a beautiful choir, at a University. That makes this experience different. And I'm pretty proud of it.

No cameras allowed in the auditorium means a reenactment picture in the lobby. I was much cuter in the real performance, I swear! But hey, the old ladies are diggin' it.

One more nerd picture for good measure. 


Lumpy Space Skirt

I lumping love my lumping new space skirt. (If you don't get it by now, don't worry about it.) And this is as close as it gets to a fashion post.

Dear Space Skirt,

I saw you several months ago for the first time. I checked you out...I'll admit it. You were hot, but kind of weird. Who would fall for you? You're shiny, pleated, short, and elastic! On top of that, you cost almost $40! I knew that soon enough your expectations would fall. You could hang there and pretend people would like you enough to pay, but we both knew the truth. Sure enough, two months later I saw you again. You had moved from your beautiful, clean place in a great location, to the sketchy, gross, pile-up place in the back of the store. The clearance rack. You were on the clearance rack.

I picked you up for a quick six dollars. I took you home. I loved you like no one else ever would. And I will continue to do so. Because you are my space skirt. And together, we will create our own fashion. 



We've heard ENOUGH about silks!

I know that everyone is sick of silks. But Tarzan is over now and with my muscles slowly melting away and my fat cells growing again, I thought I'd better share some pictures before I turn into a blob. Oh, and because I'm Nikole, I'll probably add effects that actually make the photos a little less cool. I can't help it! I'm addicted.

Andrea rocking our most dangerous move

Emily (our awesome silks director) made us awesome necklaces
Makeup credit: Mandolynn Browning

The opening: Me, Becka, Andrea

Me, Becka, Andrea

No hands! Becka

Twirlin' up in a split

Finding our balance point: Me, Becka

Straddle back! Me, Becka, Andrea

The mermaid and the "something move?" Me, Becka

My balance point

The necklace again. She's just so darn sweet!

Becka and Andrea workin it: Becka, Andrea

Me workin' it

Becka and I doing a contortion: Me, Becka

Our famous plank stacking. Top to bottom: Becka, Andrea, Me

The fairy wrap :) Me and Becka

Swingin around! 

My straddle back

Becka doin' her awesome lotus

Our famous plank stack again.
Costume Credit: Spencer Potter

My new friends :)
Makeup credit: Mandolynn Browning
Costume Credit: Spencer Potter