Lumpy Space Skirt

I lumping love my lumping new space skirt. (If you don't get it by now, don't worry about it.) And this is as close as it gets to a fashion post.

Dear Space Skirt,

I saw you several months ago for the first time. I checked you out...I'll admit it. You were hot, but kind of weird. Who would fall for you? You're shiny, pleated, short, and elastic! On top of that, you cost almost $40! I knew that soon enough your expectations would fall. You could hang there and pretend people would like you enough to pay, but we both knew the truth. Sure enough, two months later I saw you again. You had moved from your beautiful, clean place in a great location, to the sketchy, gross, pile-up place in the back of the store. The clearance rack. You were on the clearance rack.

I picked you up for a quick six dollars. I took you home. I loved you like no one else ever would. And I will continue to do so. Because you are my space skirt. And together, we will create our own fashion. 


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