We've heard ENOUGH about silks!

I know that everyone is sick of silks. But Tarzan is over now and with my muscles slowly melting away and my fat cells growing again, I thought I'd better share some pictures before I turn into a blob. Oh, and because I'm Nikole, I'll probably add effects that actually make the photos a little less cool. I can't help it! I'm addicted.

Andrea rocking our most dangerous move

Emily (our awesome silks director) made us awesome necklaces
Makeup credit: Mandolynn Browning

The opening: Me, Becka, Andrea

Me, Becka, Andrea

No hands! Becka

Twirlin' up in a split

Finding our balance point: Me, Becka

Straddle back! Me, Becka, Andrea

The mermaid and the "something move?" Me, Becka

My balance point

The necklace again. She's just so darn sweet!

Becka and Andrea workin it: Becka, Andrea

Me workin' it

Becka and I doing a contortion: Me, Becka

Our famous plank stacking. Top to bottom: Becka, Andrea, Me

The fairy wrap :) Me and Becka

Swingin around! 

My straddle back

Becka doin' her awesome lotus

Our famous plank stack again.
Costume Credit: Spencer Potter

My new friends :)
Makeup credit: Mandolynn Browning
Costume Credit: Spencer Potter

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