One of Those Days...

My baby started his trek to the far away DC.
So, ALL day I was flipping out, because he was driving through
bum bum BUM
The tornado zone!

He even saw storm chasers when he stopped for lunch.

Anyway, instead of focusing on all the bummer parts of my day
(ie my mini mall trek with like 40 lbs of books, my loss of wallet melt down, a little car accident my girls and I got into and the...altercation I had with the other driver)
I'll talk about good stuff!

And expound on any of the others later
if you ask me to ;)

The Good Stuff:

 I have cute nails! Did them by me-self! :)

 I drew a picture at work!!

 I have freakin' sweet outhouse earrings!
 That totally open! Man on toilet included.
I think they're funny.
 I have cute vintage-y glasses!
My friend Jess got me this SUPER cute box for my birthday!

Annnd I got to text and call my baby boy all day long. :)

Do y'all know a good fix for "one of those days"?

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