Birthday Contest!!!

It's my birthday!
I'm 20!
I'm in limbo between an actual adult adult (21) and a my teens (13-19)
I don't know what I'm doing for my birthday, but I suspicion it will be nothing.
And that's okay, because I'm just about to announce a huge contest!
And by about to...
I mean right now!

Stubborn Delight is hosting a Photography Contest!!!!
Taylor, my fiance, came up with this idea completely by himself.
So, in a way, this is Taylor's Photography Contest!
(he's a blogger at heart)

Spring Party!
There's no limits here! Maybe a bouquet of flowers is a spring party to you, or a bunch of trees, maybe even  a rustic building! Whatever this theme means to YOU

How to enter?

1.) Follow Stubborn Delight using your gmail account
if you don't have a gmail account, like Stubborn Delight on facebook!
*if you do both, then your picture will also display a blurb about your inspiration

2.) Email your photo, name, and if you're following my blog or liked it on facebook (or both, if so then add your "inspiration blurb") to timelesslove50@gmail.com by April 26th! (10 days from now!)

*note: if you have a blog, include your url and I'll link back to your blog when I post the photo entries

What next?
I'll post all entries on my blog and people will vote on their favorite!
I'll have a link in my sidebar to the post with all the entries, so it won't get lost in my blog :)
Voting will start April 27th and will end May 3rd at midnight (so the NIGHT of the 2nd!),
Make sure you get all your friends to vote!
Winners will be announced May 4th.

There will be 3 winners, and 3 prizes.
1st place gets first pick,
2nd place gets second pick,
and 3rd place gets the last prize
Well what are they?
~A set of personalized, embroidered flour sack towels
Why flour sack?
~$10 giftcard to Amazon. Because what can't you find at Amazon! ...?
~Your 8x10 framed print of your winning photo
The first 3 entries get earrings!
(If you're a guy, then you get a great mother's day present.haha)

The picture must be taken by YOU
Editing is definitely allowed
No inappropriate images.
(nudity, language, etc.)
Inappropriate images WILL be disqualified, and you WILL NOT be entered into the contest.
So, be excited!
Tell all your friends!
There's nothing to lose!

And ALL the photos on this post were taken by my cheap point and shoot, so anyone can do this! :) :D :)

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
This is my first time doing something like this, so let me know what needs improvement :)

PS: If y'all like this, and it works out well, we'll be doing a different contest every month or few months!

PPS:If you would like to offer a prize for this contest or the next, then contact me!
It'll work very much like a give-a-way