Welcome to My Room

I thought I'd share a snippet of my life with you.
This is my room.
I painted it when I was 15 with the stipulation that I would repaint it when I moved out.
Well..I moved out..
and moved back in..
and it's still green green.

 My closet :) Most of my clothes are in my dresser, but that big white bag?
Totes my wedding dress! :)
And gifts and trinkets from my baby boy EVERYWHERE
(including the balloons)
 My bed :) Taylor's Lion from his childhood and my bear that I received when I was diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes like to hang out with me.
 This is where my personality really shines. Giraffe? Yes! Peacocks? Yes! Jewelry? Yes!  All of my notes and things from my baby boy are displayed just right of where this picture was taken..
I forgot to take a pic of it :(
 I love these skinny jeans! I ripped the jacket though...luckily you can't tell :)
I'll fix it eventually.
What do you love about your room?


  1. Hawwwwwwwt!! You are so hot. Nice clean room baby! Good job! I love you <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks to you! And all your help! Seriously, you helped so much :)