He IS the Best.

This post is kind of inspired by a post in Breezy Days
Just so you know.
Bri talks about how people are quite judgmental.
I'm not saying judging is bad...
we  need to be able to have judgment to get us out of danger..
good judgement.
I don't know if it's just a Utah thing or not, but I wonder....

My grandma and grandpa got married quite a while ago...quite a long while ago.
They eloped, for a lot of reasons,
to avoid the draft
because my grandpa was converted to the LDS Church and they couldn't get married for another year
because they were so in love...

But what happened?
When's the baby due?
Isn't Karen pregnant?
Why did they run away to get married, they MUST have done something BAD.

My grandma struggled to have a child for years and years.
Finally, after adopting 4 children, my grandma and grandpa were blessed with a baby of their own. 
They love all their children equally, but what a sad occurrence.
Rumors of my grandma's promiscuity were greatly exaggerated, if you will.

 I don't understand why these judgments were passed.
What I do know, is that what they did was out-of-the-norm.
The Utah norm.

Utah has a culture all its own, and that's fine and everything, but sometimes....well I don't like it.

A lot of Utah residents, especially where I live, are part of the LDS Church.
As am I.
Also my baby boy.
And I LOVE this church so so much. 

But my baby boy, for a lot of reasons, couldn't serve an LDS mission like he dreamed of doing.
And that's out of the norm.
It makes me cry...really...every time someone brings it up to him in a negative manner.
What do they know?
What do they know?
It's so sad to see people pass judgements on the most amazing person I have ever met in the whole world..
the most kind,
the most sweet,
the cutest,
the most giving,
the most welcoming,
the sappiest :)
that I have EVER met,
the strongest testimony of the Gospel I've seen.
We read scriptures together every night,
we pray together,
fast together,
go to church together,
and people still judge him...
and they judge me for marrying him.
What a tragedy...
what a very real tragedy.

To those people, we owe you no explanation,
we owe you nothing.

To my baby, I love you more than anything in the entire world, I mean it!

To those that support us,
I offer my sincerest gratitude.
Thank you.
So much.


  1. I completely know what you mean, Kapena didnt go on a mission either, but that doesnt make him any less wonderful. That doesnt mean he did something wrong or is not a good member, it really is so so sad hearing all the negativity.

    1. It really is. I'm glad you understand! Taylor is a wonderful person, I just don't get people sometimes...anyway, I'm so excited for you, and your blog is REALLY cute now! :)

  2. Stay true! I too have felt the judgement in Utah areas because of many reasons. Purple hair, marriage choice, etc. Just remember that you are happy and know the true reasons for doing the things you love and being with the man you love. People may pass their judgement but you are the better person for letting them pass that judgement and not taking it personally. Respectfully explain, or not, and then continue to be happy for making the choices you have made making you a wonderful person who knows how judgement feels and is slow to judge others.
    I love you for who you have become and I am so excited you found your man. You deserve it. And more!

    1. Thank you so much for all of that, you are incredible. Really you are. Thank you. :)

  3. That's so awful! Sadly, every place you go or every religion/group you're a part of will always have those judgmental people. It's really sad because little do they know, whether they meant it to or not, those judgmental attitudes tend to cast a shadow over the entire group they're a part of. Kudos to you for keeping your chin up and from what it sounds like from reading your blog, your Mister sounds pretty great!

    1. You are SO right, I never even thought of it that way, but it's so true!And thank you :) I think he's pretty great :D Thanks for keeping up with my blog, by the way, it means a lot :)

  4. I totally know what you mean. I feel like people judge me all the time.
    But ya know what? It don't matter!