My Fair Wedding: Part 2

Part 1
Now that I'm engaged, I can really start planning! 
First things first
The plan is to get married in the Portland LDS Temple and have a reception in a little park about fifteen minutes away
And then honeymoon...

And a Second Reception!
I have no idea.....
Because a lot of my family aren't able to come to Portland, or go in the temple, I want the reception to be as nice as possible.

We went to Brick Oven yesterday and discovered that we can get catering for cheap! Yum!
(Not pizza. gross. but pasta!)

Any ideas for a reception in Utah? We don't want to spend a lot, if any, money...and we're happy with outdoors!


  1. wedding planning is the best! but often times stressful. arguably the best part of being engaged- is planning the day of your dreams! so fun! xo And yes, we can do a button swap! I'll put your button on my blog today.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I'm so excited to plan all of this out :) And I just put up your button! Sooo cute! :D