My Fair Maybe...

My Fair Lady auditions are today...
I love acting. I love singing. I love dancing. I love it all.
I don't care if I perform for 3,000 screaming people or a silent crowd of 3. I love to perform.
But, alas, I am a busy girl, and my last play was long ago. Okay, not that long, but still!

I miss it. I miss putting on pounds of make-up and singing in front of tons of people, burning lights, itchy costumes, annoying "drama" people, I miss it all.
I'm good at it too! I mean I don't want to brag...but I actually totally do.I've been a dance soloist, singing soloist, small roles, big leads, ensemble...all of it! 
I've even been in the pit orchestra!

So why don't I just audition?
Heavens, it would not be the first time I audition for something on a whim. 
As my friend, Jake, knows I've even decided to audition literally minutes before doing so. Haha and I played my own accompaniment for a pop song!

But I have a lot more life now...in a way. I mean theater used to BE my life, not just a part of it.
And right now, I have a lot going on. 
It's not okay to give up a dream...not often anyway. I'm not going to, but it may just have to be a few more months..maybe even a year before I can return to my love

And you know what? 
That's OKAY!
Because I have new loves now :). One I'm particularly fond of...coughTaylorcough.
And he will always support me no matter what I do.
So, maybe I'll audition for My Fair Lady today...but the chances are slim.
I'd probably miss callbacks anyway.

I can sing without a stage.
Dance without a partner.
And act without an audience.

front center to the right of the two standing :)

And I'm perfectly happy with that.

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  1. Did you audition?
    If not, the Scera is doing All Shook Up in July...