Spring On!

Sprrrrrrrrring is here! 
I get to spend my first week of spring in....
Yay! Taylor and I are going up to visit family, plan our wedding, and shop!!!!

What am I looking for?

1.) A long back dress. I LOVE this style! It's so flirty and makes my legs look paretttty good.
2.) A bag. Yeah....I have 0 bags. Nada...zip....
 3.) Crazy, awesome, 20's spring hat

What do you guys think? Any Spring fashion do's or dont's? 
Nikole :)


  1. Check out Old Navy's website this week for a black dress like this. Dresses are their special item this week. There's one I think looks like your pic for $15. I have a Gucci cream colored purse you can have. You also might look for bags at the Women's Expo April 20th and 21st at UVU.