The Heavy Lifter

I have been struggling the past few weeks with a lot of things. I've been sick, and down, and lame, lame, lame. And you know what's worse? I've been a baby and a half. I am not the type of girl who cries...not because I think people who cry are babies or anything at all! 
Cry! Cry away! It's actually reallllly good for you and relieves a lot of stress! I'm just not the type who does it, usually. But, goodness, I have been lately. 
But Taylor always lifts my spirits. Even when they're super down, and extremely heavy.
Lift me up date:
Yesterday I swear I had a really hard day. I felt sick, and work was soooo long, I got home and there was SO much to do. I was beyond stressed. So, Taylor took me on a date to make me feel better.
The Mall

Red Robin..Yummmm
And even though he laughed at me for my specific dinner choice (Blue ribbon with no mayo, no onion straws, on a wheat bun, with sweet potato fries), and we watched a HORRIBLE movie, (John Carter...good for a laugh though ;) ), and I didn't get much done. I am super happy and grateful toward my love, Taylor.
Today was another hard day, but look...
Can you believe I was a crying wreck only seconds before this picture was taken?? (and no, I don't really wear super bright lipstick)
So, I love my heavy lifter, he's my favorite :)


  1. Good thing we saw The Lorax that one night, eh? ;)

    1. NO kidding!! We gotta do it again when you're less incredibly busy :)