As you can see, the title of this post is the first 100 digits of pi that I know from the top of my head! 
I lied.
I don't know why I did, but I did. ....I googled the first 100 digits...anyway, happy Pi day everyone! I love Pi day. I love all special days, because I love celebrating them!
Today's special day started out especially special.
Why? Well I'll tell you a story and illustrate it with detailed, well-crafted, accurate illustrations that took me days to create.

Once upon a time, there was a young couple very much in love, Princess Nikole and Prince Taylor. (royal for obvious reasons). Prince Taylor was a danger seeking adventurer! He loved to flirt with troublesome situations.
On the morning of Pi Day, Prince Taylor took Princess Nikole to her place of work, miles and miles away.
Being the prince he was, Taylor decided to push the limits...the legal limits....of speed.

But Princess Nikole was so tired and worn that she didn't warn her Prince of the consequences speeding can bring.
Suddenly, a soft "dang it" awoke her from her sleepless trance. She looked around curious as to why her charming prince had said such a phrase.
The lights.
The lights came after them blazing with red and blue anger.
Prince Taylor quickly pulled to the side of the road when a loud, booming voice told him, "hmmm hmmm hmm hmmhmm"
They did not understand.
"hmmmm hmmm hmm hmmhmm!"
They still could not decipher the voice's instructions.
"Take the next exit!"
They now understood.

They waited as a man walked towards their mode of transportation. 
The man was a kindly looking fellow with a dark shirt, and a very ornate Chicago Bears tie.
"Do you know how fast you were going?"
"Do you know the speed limit?"
"Do you know how much a ticket would cost for going 20 over in a construction zone?"
"200 or so?"
"Upwards of 950."
"The best way to get back on the freeway is to take that right, flip a U, then take a left at the light."
They were free!
The kindly Bears fan saved the lives (practically) of the young, royal couple.
The End

Moral: Don't speed.